Spotlight: Sadaf M Khan

Sadaf M.Khan brings a wealth of experience to Boulevard One. Her analytical flair paired with strong management skills and business acumen are a key driving force that propels Boulevard One to always exceed preconceived standards.

Over 25 years of experience in the fashion industry and her early years of the banking sector has engraved the perfect systems, visions and organizational administrative skills in Sadaf.

Widely connected with the Pakistani fashion fraternity, Sadaf has the potential to balance the classic with the modern at every event, thereby giving it a wholesome appeal for a wider clientele.

Sadaf is actively involved in all the leading charities & believes in share & care. Personally host events to support Back to School program for Al Ihsan Charity in Ajman .

The Blush Works: Hashtags that describe you.

Sadaf M Khan: #SmarterThanMost

TBW: Favourite Website

SMK: Net-a-Porter

TBW. One social media account you follow religiously!

SMK. Boulevard One of course

TBW. One book you’d recommend

SMK. Tuesday with Morrie

TBW. One film role you think you could have played better or you think you can relate to.

SMK. Autumn in New York

TBW. Favourite workout

SMK. My outdoor long walks

TBW. What’s your all time favourite song

SMK. Mama Mia , here I go again

TBW. Talking about songs, your favourite artist/band

SMK. Abba

TBW. Favourite TV Show

SMK. Don’t find a lot of time to follow tv shows but House of Cards is nice

TBW. Last movie you watched

SMK. Wonder Woman – what can I say, sometimes I indulge in my superhero movies

TBW. Shopaholic or Foodie?

SMK. Definitely a foodie!

TBW. What was the last thing you bought

SMK.  Jimmy Choo – Rebel Soft Mini bag

TBW. Best thing you can cook/bake

SMK. I’m told my Thai green curry with fish is mouth watering… that’s what I’m told!

TBW. Favourite holiday destination

SMK. My favorite holiday destination is Spain. It’s got so much culture and history. The beauty of it all is breath taking.

TBW. Favourite restaurant in Dubai

SMK. The Farm at Al Barari

TBW. Favourite fashion designer

SMK. Miu Miu

TBW. Your style icon

SMK. For me personally, it’s Jennifer Lopez. She’s sophisticated and well groomed and is not afraid to take risks.

TBW. Favourite high street store

SMK. I think it will have to be Zara. You get a great variety of fashion forward merchandise at affordable prices.

TBW. Must have beauty product

SMK. I can’t leave the house without my lip stick. Just a little touch up can make you look fresh.

TBW. One celebrity you’d like to take out for coffee.

SMK. It’s still George Clooney for me, even though he’s married and now has twins.

TBW. Describe yourself in three words.

SMK. Helpful, honest and caring. At least I like to think so.