Spotlight: An Interview with Natalia Naveed

There are many young and hip designers emerging in the world of fashion, and we love how different an unique each one is. The Blush Works had the chance to catch up with one very talented and beautiful designer from Lahore, Pakistan – Natalia Naveed. Having worked with Pakistan’s leading designer m labels, she launched her own line of clothing by the name of “Natalia”  in 2015.

1. When did you start your career as a designer?

I Launched my brand Natalia in May 2015. Before that I worked at Generation for 5 years as Team Head.

2. What inspires Natalia Naveed?

Anything and everything, basically. It could be something as random as seeking inspiration from the way an object forms its silhouette on the wall when you hold it against light.


3. Who is your fashion icon?

If I have to mention one name, then I’ll definitely go with Victoria Beckham. Love her minimalistic, chic and edgy sense of fashion!

4. Any upcoming events for NATALIA?

I recently exhibited in India and then in Lahore for my latest collection “The Blue” that incorporates a range of very edgy cutlines including bomber jackets, blazers, capes and some drapy experimental silhouettes. Right now I’ve started working on my second collection for the Newyork based brand Victoria Road.


5. Do you ship worldwide?

We ship all over Pakistan but not internationally for now. Been getting lots of emails and calls from different places all over the world so definitely going to look into that soon enough.
We wish you all the best for your future ventures.

(Follow Natalia by Natalia Naveed on Instagram: @nataliabynatalianaveed)