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Hassan Tariq is the man behind Man with Panache and his day job entails telling stories of brands. He has been in advertising since the last 4 years and loves communicating about brands and foremost it is his passion for fashion that knows no bounds. Follow his Instagram @_hassan_tariq to get some style inspiration

Freedom Revisited

George Michael’s style is undisputedly to be reckoned with. His biker jacket, five o’ clock shadow to wife beaters – The one to define machismo masculinity in pop culture. Surprisingly, his cult classic Freedom ’90, was inspired challenging all kinds of stereotype in the music industry -but his classic ended up not defining fashion stereotypes but masculinity in pop culture.

His struggle to carve out his own niche and in the process completely redefining not just fashion but all sorts of labels has been inspiring. It is to that spirit we pay our respect to. The following shoot tries to harness that spirit.

Nothing would be more apt to wrap-up than with his own words.

“It’s important to me that I should be free to express myself”