An Interview with Aamir Mazhar (Savvy PR & Events)

Aamir Mazhar and Savvy PR are names that don’t need any introduction in Pakistan’s entertainment industry. Aamir has been running his successful event management agency for over a decade now.

His journey to where he is now is bitter sweet, having a degree in a completely different field of work, it was purely his passion that lead him to this successful career. In fact, there was a time in his life when almost all the people around him questioned his decision, but he managed to show the world what dedication looks like.

Savvy PR has now gone international and Aamir is now successfully running events in USA, London, Beirut, Bahrain, Singapore, and a few more locations.

We had a chance to sit with this amazing fellow and pick his brain.

The Blush Works: In 2008, you left your banking job in Dubai and moved back to Lahore. How many people called you crazy?

Aamir Mazhar:  A lot of people thought that maybe i am depressed in Dubai and have left a steady job and moved back to Lahore with nothing in hand. Truth be told was always unhappy with my banking job until one day my boss in Dubai called me and told me I will do good in life but not in banking so i left everything behind and moved back to follow my passion. It took my parents sometime to understand what evnt management curtails.


TBW: How do you balance work life relationship in such a demanding line of work?

AM: I have OCD and i am a workaholic so everything in my life revolves around work and rest of the things comes secondary. I don’t have a personal life left anymore and all the crazy timings have made me an insomniac


TBW: Tell us about some of your most crazy experiences?

AM: 3 days, 3 countries, 3 events…how does that sound? Flying into dubai on a crazy red eye emirates flight for less then 24 hours for a trunk show, taking a night flight back to Lahore for a lawn launch and then taking the same red eye flight to Bahrain for a fashion show. Once i went to London for a fashion week for 3 nights and had to go straight to the venue from heathrow with suitcase in hand.


TBW: And what is your most memorable work so far?

AM: A lot of hardwork goes into each event, they are like your babies where you nurture them and  burn your midnight oil but the outcome is different each time. My most memorable work has to be the MCB Bank launch in Dubai at the ICONIC Burj Khalifa with H.E Sheikh Nayhan, Ministers from Pakistan and Mr Mansha the success story present. It was a feel good moment for me


TBW: What is your vision for Savvy PRin the next few years?

AM: I want to take Savvy PR into unchartered territories where no Pakistani Firm has ever gone. Its always a moment of pride for us when we take Pakistani Art & Fashion abroad. It gets Pakistan so much good publicity and builds on our soft image. Having said that i want to be more aggressive in Dubai and Karachi and i am on a lookout to get hardworking people on board


TBW: Are you also organizing events internationally?

AM: besides juggling between Lahore and dubai. We organize annual event in USA, part of Pakistan fashion week London that happens twice a year. Have worked in Beirut and Bahrain this year. Have done shows in Singapore in the past. So give me a work challenge and i will gladly accept it.


TBW: Do you ever have to say no to events? And if so, how do you manage to do that?

AM: Yes have to say NO at times to events when the dates are clashing with another project or if we cannot give our 100% to something. I prefer doing so over emails and whatsapp to avoid saying NO directly


TBW: Your work revolves around forming strong professional relationships with a lot of different people, who often hate each other. How do you do that?

AM: Yes there is no business like the business of PR. Yes i have worked with different people at events who are not on talking terms with each other but work is work, so I am always the ambassador of peace between them or the middle party who negotiates. Personal preferences aside for work one has to be a professional.


TBW: Do the social media platforms help you with your events

AM: Yes and No.  Yes Social Media is beneficial for awareness and promotion but having said that in Pakistan it does bring in a lot of unwanted guests at events or people who you would generally never invite


TBW: If you had a chance for a “do-over” in life, what would you do differently?

AM: I would never wasted my energy and time in Banking and would have pursued event management directly. Secondly i would have saved some money J


TBW: What do you feel most proud of?

AM: My achievements. Self made and hardworking, so the recognition i have received is all on my own.


TBW: If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why?

AM: I would go to London. They say if you are tired of London then you are tired of life. London is my happy place it makes me happy to be just there and breathe in the fresh air. London revives me


TBW: How do you spend your free time?

AM: I hardly get any free time but if i do i read books or watch movies or go out with friends for a meal.


TBW: Who do you most admire in life?

AM: The thing i admire most in life is you reap what you sow. The circle of life keeps on moving, nothing stays the same


TBW: What are your top 3 favorite books and why?

AM: The White Tiger by Arvind Adiga. It was a page turner for me and was surprised by the ending

Moth Smoke by Mohsin Hamid. It was a perfect description of Lahori hi life

Diary of a social butterfly by Mohni Mohsin. Again a satire on the lives of Pakistani Socialites


TBW: What are your top 3 TV Shows and why?

AM: FRIENDS. Any day any time

Desperwate Housewives: good time pass

Greys Anatomy: it has all that life has to offer in it.


TBW: If you could witness any event of the past, present, or future, what would it be?

AM: I would want to re live my Madonna live inConcert Experience, I was blown away by her energy and the effort she puts in the sets and costumes. It was just WOW


TBW: The way you would spend your fantasy 24 hours, with no travel restrictions

AM: Breakfast in Paris, Lunch in Udaipur Palace in rajhistan India and dinner in Los Angles.


TBW: Who is that one person who has influenced you most?

AM: My Mother. She is my role model. She always believed in me which led me to believe that Nothing is impossible


TBW: The happiest moment you will cherish forever?

AM: I always take a trip every year with my parents, that is my happy zone and memories from those trips keeps me going through the year


TBW: The philosophy that underpins your life

AM: live for the day and never give up


TBW: You must receive some “annoying” requests in your line of work? What is that one request that you hate the most?

AM: people sent me requests on facebook without any introductions and my inbox is full of make me a MODAL requests. lol


TBW: Hashtags that describe you the best?

AM: #insomniac #loyal#misunderstood #traveller #foodie #achiever


TBW: Any advice that you would want to pass people who want to join your line of work?

AM: there is a lot of hardwork that goes into an event conceptualization and you need to have nerve of steel in order to survive as event management is the 5th most stressful profession in the world. So don’t come for the glamour, only come if you are passionate about it.