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A Gentle Reminder: Make Time For Your Loved Ones


There was a time, not very long ago, when family time meant sitting together for a simple but happening dinner or sitting together in the lounge and talking about nothing in particular or laughing your guts out over some pointless and not-so-funny joke.

However, with advancements in technology, various “social networking sites” came into existence to encourage socializing…..through internet. People started having zillions of friends and followers online, but drifted away from “real life friends and family”.

And then, without even realizing what is causing it, people develop depression and anxiety.

With so much hassle, it has become challenging to create and maintain a balance between your “real” life and “virtual” life. Here are a few tips that might help you to nurture your bond with those around you.

Put down phone when your loved ones are around

credit: eblgogline.com

Those loved ones can be anyone, your spouse, kids, siblings or parents. Put your phone down and be attentive to them. Learn to initiate conversation.

Encourage group discussions

Sitting in a group of friends or fam? Bring up a topic that might be interesting for everyone. Talk about any anecdote that happened to any person sitting there. There is so much to talk about. You just need to initiate it.

Plan an outdoor trip

That is one of the most important thing to do while you can. Your trip need not to be expensive one. Just go to the nearest park with a picnic basket. Enjoy the simple moments.

Use interactive apps on you smart phones

If you really need to use this smart phone, why not use it to enjoy with your family? There are many interactive applications available for free. Download them and play with your family. Win win.

Celebrate special occasions

There is no need to spend millions on large scale parties. A simple get together for a friends’ birthday, your anniversary, academic achievement of a sibling, parent’s anniversary or any other occasion will do. Small gestures like these help you strengthen you bond.

Remember, life is too short to waste staring on a screen. Take out time for your loved ones.