7 lessons to learn from Twinkle Khanna and Akshay Kumar’s relationship

Bid goodbye to all relationship troubles

There is no use in pretending to be above idolizing celebrity relationships. The unhealthy curiosity we all exhibit in knowing the status of Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh’s relationship is a testament to that. Now that we’ve identified the problem and moved on to the second step, i.e. acceptance, we can advance to the third stage: Making the best of the situation.

Celebrity relationships can give us a lot more than annoying couple names (Saifeena, Bennifer…) and Instagram goals. We can turn our voyeuristic tendencies into lemonade and actually learn something from them. Since no talk of celebrity couples can happen without mentioning Twinkle Khanna and Akshay Kumar at least once, we figured we’d turn the microscope’s lens on their 16-year long marriage.

Mystique in a relationship is paramount

Complete openness in a relationship is overrated. As Akshay revealed on Koffee with Karanrecently, “We keep on discovering new things about each other because we are so different. We are poles apart.” Pro tip, invent a new identity, move to a new town, find a guy and keep him guessing who you truly are. You can finally be the ‘Professional Pizza Tester’ that you’ve always wanted to be. Or, you know, a stock broker.

Believe in each other and be the unwavering pillar of support no matter what

Akshay Kumar has often credited the secret to his success to his wife, who apparently helped him become more responsible. Twinkle Khanna returns the favour by not pointing out the obvious in Akshay Kumar’s turn as an evil crow for his upcoming film.


So next time your bae confesses that they want to make a career out of making memes for a Facebook page, you need to support him/her no matter what.

Be involved and take an interest in each other’s lives

Twinkle Khanna has said, on more than one occasion, that Akshay Kumar is her column’s biggest critic. Her columns first go through him and only after being graded and thoroughly critiqued do they make their way into print. So if you thought that you can get away with just nodding along with the occasional “mmmhmmmm” while he/she drones on  about a work thing, think again. No more mental getaways to the last Black Mirror episode you just watched.

Don’t shy away from expressing love for each other in public

Whether it’s an anniversary or a birthday, these two are ready with an equal parts hilarious and romantic tweet or Instagram post for each other. Often, they don’t even need any occasion to go on a social media PDA spree.


So ask yourself. If you don’t post cutesy selfies of you and your partner on Instagram at least three times a week, is your relationship even real?

The couple that works out together stays together

It’s no secret that Akshay Kumar has sold his soul to the devil to be the fittest celebrity around.

So when Twinkle Khanna tweeted that Akshay’s idea of romance is a 6km jog, followed by 500 crunches together, we weren’t really surprised. If you want to save your relationship from inevitable ruin, take on a harrowing activity together. The horrors that you will go through together will bind you for eternity.

Take frequent vacations

Akshay and Twinkle’s collective Instagram and Twitter accounts look like pages out of a travel magazine. Despite their busy schedules, they take breaks to spend time with each other and post envy-inducing selfies in exotic locations. You and your SO might be too busy (and broke) to fly off to the French Riviera or the Maldives once a month, but an occasional break away from your everyday routine can do wonders for your relationship. And your Instagram cred.


Never stop trying to come up with inventive ways to kill your partner

When they’re talking about survival in relationship. they literally mean survival.



To ensure longevity of your relationship, it is advised that you devise plans to, well, kill each other, to keep things fresh, as seen previously in Mr. and Mrs. Smith. On second thoughts, it might be unwise to imbibe relationship lessons from anything involving Brad Pitt and Angleina Jolie right now…

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