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6 Women Who Kicked Ass When Pregnant



People who say that women are the weaker sex, need to rethink their words

Very recently it was revealed that the wonder woman star – Gal Gadot, had to reshoot some of the movie’s battle scenes while she was 5 months pregnant. Back in January, Serena Williams won her 23rd Grand Slam Singles title in Australia while she was 8-week pregnant.


Here is the list of women who kicked ass while pregnant… respect!

1. Gal Gadot


Although Gal Gadot is not really THE Wonder Woman, but she surely was on some days . The actress was 5-months pregnant when she performed action scenes in the reshoots of the movie.

During these scenes, she wore a green screen baby-bump version of her famous costume.

“On close-up, I looked very much like Wonder Woman. On wide shots I looked very funny, like Wonder Woman pregnant with Kermit the Frog.”

Even the Director of the movie said:

“She’s pregnant during part of the movie, in a suit out in a field, in the freezing cold in others. There are so many things we asked her to do: Now do it on one foot. Now shout while you’re doing it. Now it’s raining in the freezing cold and you’ve lost your voice, go. Everyday it was a hilarious gauntlet and she would do it.”

2. Serena Williams

She won her 7th Australian open (and over all 23rd Grand Slam singles title) in earlier this year. This was her record-setting victory and it became even bigger when she later revealed that she was 8-weeks pregnant while playing in the competition.

3. Beyonce

Beyonce was pregnant with twins, when she gave the ultimate gift to the womanhood at the Grammys in 2017. She was dressed head-to-toe in gold, she was emulating fertility goddesses and gave such a performance that made Adele dedicate her ‘Album of the Year’ win to Beyonce.


4. Emily Blunt

Emily Blunt, who is now mother of continued shooting for Girl On the Train when she was pregnant with her 2nd child. She was 4-months pregnant when she the shooting of the movie started. She managed to hide it from the cast and crew for quite a while. And she managed to do it with the help of baggy and shapless costumes that she had to wear while portraying her character.

5. M.I.A.

As good as her performance at the 2009 Grammys was, she made bigger news as she had a 9-month pregnant belly that completely overshadowed Jay Z, Kanye West, Lil Wayne and TI on stage. MIA ditched the conventional maternity costume for a see-through number, with opaque polka dotted panels.

6. Marissa Mayer 

Yahoo CEO was criticized heavily from across the globe when she continued to work during all of her pregnancy. She took only 2 weeks of maternal leave after the delivery. She then had to set up a nursery in her office for her 1st baby. Marissa responded to all the criticism by increasing Yahoo’s parental leave from 12-weeks to 16-weeks for women, 8-weeks weeks for men.