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What “13 Reasons Why” Has Taught Us


If you’re reading this, it’s too late. It doesn’t have a fairy tale ending nor will it give you the happy-go lucky-feeling deep in your bones.

It’s downright realistic.

And it made me ponder over everything I’m about to tell you (not in a tape though).

So this weekend, I decided to finally unravel the mystery of the popular Netflix season the whole world is raging about- ‘13 Reasons Why’. It’s based on the bestselling book by Jay Asher who treads on the delicate matters of suicide, rape, bullying, stalking; how these issues affect the main character named Hannah Baker and are consequential to other characters in the book.

Following are the main points that this show not only makes us realize but we also need to learn from it:

The story of this show is not fake, it’s out there and it’s realbullying.

We have all been bullied and some of us have never spoken out due to fear. We may have bullied, either unintentionally or unconsciously though. Remember when you called someone ugly or fat? Or stereotyped and criticized someone based on utter rumors? This show made us all think on our mistakes. Hannah Baker made us realize how a person reduced to mere derogatory names, driven to suicide, a subject of harassment would feel every day in their lives. Something needs to change. And we can start that from today

If you feel down, call for help.

If nothing but this show taught us how we have made mental health so trivial and made such a taboo out of it. If you are aching- grieve, cry, let it all out. There is absolutely no shame in how you are feeling. Feel the emotions to your utmost. And come out stronger than you can ever be, since what defines you as a human is how well you rise after falling.

Didn’t you wish to yourself during your strenuous morning run to lose those few inches around your waist and as a result how perfectly lovable you would suddenly seem to your partner? Why can’t we just accept who we are without criticizing ourselves?  Why are we normalizing such behavior? That is because we choose to let the society control us.

Love yourself first because you are perfect the way you are.

Another human trait this show sheds light on is ignorance – how we simply choose to not see things.

That perfectly normal girl was being bullied in front of the whole school and how her friends chose not to do anything about it. How her teacher chose to totally ignore her from giving her proper advice whom she had come to as her last hope. We can never know what the other person is going through.

Live in the moment!

The protagonist of the novel, Clay Jensen, was the true example of this. The way we can truly feel his anger, grief, pain, regret and most of all the heartbreak he experiences, listening to the tapes, to learn this one lesson- it’s never too late to tell someone how you feel as we can see how he lost countless opportunities to tell Hannah how he really felt.

However, this show has faced much criticism, which is obviously suspected whenever one attempts to portray such delicate social matters. Whatever the controversies it may have erupted within social forums, I personally feel the sole purpose we should concentrate upon is the show attempting to take the brave risk of bringing awareness of such powerful issues and serving as a trigger for conversations by anyone who feels troubled.  A second season is rumored to be coming up, continuing the story of its other characters and here’s to hoping it would provoke a more welcoming response.