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Movie Review – Beauty And The Beast

beauty and the beast- disney

beauty and the beast- disney

As we all know that Disney’s classic fairy-tale movie is making a comeback and we have lots and lots of expectations from it. Basically this is what we have on our mind.

First look of Emma Watson as Belle

It all starts from a monstrous prince who falls in love with a young girl starring Emma Watson, the catchiest part of the movie that Emma Watson is cast as Belle. The trailer has already been released and the vibes coming out of it are extraordinary. Our hopes and expectations are on cloud nine. The film is only six weeks away from being released.

The love continues..

But will this version ever recapture the beauty and magic of the old animated Disney classic? Well, that is yet to see. Bill Condon has kept the original story and characters as it is but he has also introduced some new stuff and characters. Especially, more detailed story for Belle (Emma Watson).

The new songs are to enjoy of course, the cover sung by Ariana Grande and John Legend will give you all the Disney feels.

Ariana Grande and John Legend singing the cover for Beauty and the Beast

Emma Watson has flawlessly and faultlessly taken Belle’s character and we think no one can do such an impeccable job.

“She warned him not to be deceived by appearances, for beauty is found within.” – Narrator (Beauty and the Beast)


Condon must play it perfectly to recreate the perfect Disney fairy-tale. We have our hopes up and he must not let us down. He must not mess with a classic and should stick to the story line. That we can only know in March when the movie will be released during March 2017. For now we can only see that Condon has done a fine job with his cast and crew.

The Enchanted Rose
The beautiful Belle

Let’s see where Beauty and the Beast will stand in the Box Office and whether it will live up to the hype as ‘Cinderella’ did last year, that only time would tell..