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Eat This, Not That ! (Part Two)


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The healthy five alternatives to your unhealthy cravings

With summer just around the corner, we all are looking to shed those extra pounds that we so conveniently gained during the winter – sitting all wrapped up in warm blankets near the fire place and munching on dried fruit and candy with a good strong frothy cuppa, without a care in the world.

Whereas it was indeed pleasurable to indulge in chocolate and whipped cream over your hot cocoa, it’s time to put your game face on and get your bangin’ summer bod back. Here are some healthy alternatives to the dirty five calorie-loaded foods that we talked about in our last feature.

1. Carrot sticks instead of French Fries

We all love going out to eat and ordering a side of fries with basically every single thing we eat. I’ll admit it takes some serious commitment to say no to this delicious comfort food. Potatoes and carbs are equivalent to getting a warm hug when you’re low. Time to toughen up – wing your liner, wear your sexiest red lipstick, and make yourself a batch of these delicious baked carrot sticks. Not only are carrots are an excellent source of vitamin A and beta carotene, but they taste heavenly as well. Just cut them up in slim strips, toss with olive oil and your favourite seasonings and pop them in the oven for fifteen minutes. Say bye-bye to unnecessary calories to curb your potato cravings!

2. Fresh Juice instead of Soda


There is no denying that we have all had our love affair with soda – the trouble with bubbles is that it continues to derail our health in more ways than one. Not only does our infatuation with fizz cause us to gain excessive weight, but it also contributes to diabetes, osteoporosis and heart attack. Excuse me if I don’t get excited at the idea of drinking just plain old water, but what exactly is there left to drink? Quite a lot! Iced teas, fresh juices, tea soda – the options are limitless. Whereas, drinking fresh fruit blends (minus any sort of sugar ofcourse) is my personal favourite, for those of you who can’t do without the fizz in your drink, we have tea soda! Just steep two tea bags of your preferred flavor in 2 cups of boiling water. Let it chill and add one cup of sparkling mineral or soda water. There you go, instant flavoured fizzy drink with close to no sugar. Hurry, get sippin’ !

3. Corn Tortillas and Lettuce Wraps instead of White Bread

White bread, especially when slathered with butter and jam is the most common option for breakfast, and the possibly the most unhealthy as well. What’s more, some of us have to have a slice or two with lunch and dinner as well. So what do we replace the conventional white bread with? Your answer: Corn tortillas, Rye bread, Lettuce wraps and Cauliflower bread. Big-leafed greens like lettuce are excellent substitutes for breads. You can fill them up with meat and add veggies. Rye bread is another great alternative. Darker, denser and higher in fiber content than regular white bread, it causes a low rise in blood sugar instead of a sharp spike. Swapping over to these healthier options might seem challenging in the beginning, but with the right resources and motivation the change should not be difficult at all.

4. Yogurt Parfaits instead of Candy

I am one of those people who just have to have something sweet after dinner. It doesn’t always have to be fancy but just a little something to satisfy my sweet tooth. Instead of reaching out for candy, some less guilty ways to indulge your sweet craving is to try either a yogurt parfait, or a frozen banana dipped in dark chocolate. Peel one, split in two and freeze. Once frozen, roll in a bit of dark chocolate.

Top one cup of plain or vanilla Greek yogurt with granola, nuts and add lots of fruit to the mix! A frozen banana can be the perfect fix too. Enjoy!

5. Cauliflower Crust instead of Pizza

Now you can enjoy your pie guilt-free. And get your daily dose of veggies as well! The cauliflower crust tastes delicious and also folds up like a slice. It easier on the waistline and definitely way more nutritional than your average pizza dough. Plus, you honestly won’t even be able to taste a difference!  The crust is absolutely thebomb.com. You can even add some eggs and low-fat cheese for a breakfast option, the possibilities are endless! Easy to make and so healthy.

Hope I was able to motivate you gals into opting for healthier options in your diet. Just remember that it is ok to give in to your cravings. But swap it, don’t stop it.