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Top Fitness Tips From The Bollywood’s Most Fit Celebrities


If you are envied by Deepika Padukone’s body and Jacqueline Fernandez’s flat stomach, then read on.

The fittest celebrities of Bollywood have shared the practical fitness advice that they have been following.

Jacqueline Fernandez

Jacqueline Fernandez is just like us when it comes to her love for chocolates and pizza. But how does she stay this fit when all the world’s fatty foods are staring at her face all the time

The answer is that she has created her own recipes, and her favorite one is ‘nutri-balls’ that she makes herself

“I combine dry fruits, nuts and seeds together and form them into balls. When I feel hungry while travelling, I have them,” she said

Deepika Padukone

For her even if you are on holidays, it doesn’t meant that you should cheat on fitness routine. She has found ways to keep herself in shape when even she’s not working

“On holiday, I swim, I cycle, I walk. For me it’s a lifestyle, I don’t feel burdened by it. It makes me feel great,” she said.


Sonakshi Sinha

If you google Sonakshi Sinha and her diet tips & fitness secrets, the results will extend to more than 100 pages.

She revealed that she had to sacrifice junk food altogether. Because of her busy schedule, she can’t hit the gym as often as she would like

“I do gorge on my mom’s delicious food, but when it starts showing on the body, I stop,” 



Lisa Haydon

Lisa’s stomach and her legs are next level, but she says that the trick is to treat your body right.

“When you’re younger, you tend to push yourself really hard. You go days without sleeping, or your boyfriend breaks up with you so you binge-eat and then do 15 km on the treadmill the next day. That’s just not good for you. Now, I’m just trying to be good to myself,” 

Alia Bhatt

Although She has found a way to loose the extra kilos and keep them away, but she doesn’t have any dietary myths.

“This myth of eating two hours doesn’t work for me. If I am hungry, I eat. I listen to my body. But mostly I eat three meals. I don’t eat because one is telling me to eat. It’s a pattern that I’ve broken and that has worked in my favour. I am just very regular with my workouts. Once you are regular with it, it will show.”

Parineeti Chopra

She agrees that it would have been much easier for her to be starved or just eat bland food, in order to lose her weight.  But instead she consulted a doc to find out the reason behind her putting on weight despite eating healthy.

“Now I know which foods suit me and which ones are harder to digest (milk, eggs). I plan my meals accordingly. People ask me what I’ve given up eating, and the answer is nothing, I eat everything but I know how to balance it out now,”