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Here’s how Kareena Kapoor Khan stopped her hairfall


Every one knows that Kareena Kapoor’s was very public and there were so many eyes even after she gave birth.

However she faced one big problem right after the pregnancy – Hair Loss. In her latest interview on facebook live she said

“I don’t know if it’s the change in weather or the fact that some vitamins are still being replenished, but I did experience tremendous hairfall”

The dietitian Rujuta Dwivekar conducted this interview

To combat the problem, she made the following few healthy tweaks to her diet.

Kareena Kapoor Khan’s diet reducing for reducing hairloss

Begin with hair oil massages

“The photos of you going to the parlour are also well-documented,” Rujuta teased Kareena, who chimes in with

“who wouldn’t love getting a head massage?”

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Add coconut in every form to your daily routine

According to Kareena’s dietician, coconut will helps with hairloss as it will slow down the greying process. And you know what is Kareena’s favourite?

“Coconut chutney with tamarind and a little ghee for breakfast.”

Black sesame seeds

These are great for increasing hair growth, but you have to cook them. “Add it to your dal or your vegetable dishes,” recommends Rujuta.

Forget about the kale chips and chia puddings. But instead take out some chaklis and chickpea flour. She said with a laugh,

“They’re cruelty-free and gluten-free”

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Here's how Kareena Kapoor Khan stopped her hairfall
Kareena Kapoor faced the big problem of Hair Loss right after the pregnancy. She recently revealed her secrets of reducing her hairloss. This is a must read
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