15-min No-Equipment Lower Body Workouts For Holidays

15-min Lower Body Workouts (Equipment-Free!)

With the new year started, pretty much every one has started working on their workout routine. But at the same time, we all face that one problem – limited time to spare! 

If running was a part of your get-fit new year resolution then these tips will help you

– Get Started (if you are a new runner)
 Run Longer Distance (if you are already burning those calories on a running track)

If you want to consistently increase your distance and improve your timing, then you need to work on your lower bodyAll you have to do is put aside just 15 minutes once in 2 days, and you are all set.

That’s 15 minutes out of 2,880 minutes! 

Using the routine below, I personally managed to increase my usual running distance from 8-9km to 15km, while improving my overall speed. 

X-band walk

Equipment Required: Resistance Band | Sets: 2 | Repetition: 10-12 steps

– Put your band on the floor and step on it
– Stand with your feet apart (just outside your body) and make an X out of the band
– Bring your band back around the legs and hold it in front of you 

To increase intensity: Use a higher tension band


x band walk

SLS clock

Equipment Required: None | Sets: 2 | Repetition: 10-12

This is my personal favorite as it is a lot of fun to balance your body 🙂

– Stand on your left leg and lightly tap the floor on an imaginary clock around you
– Start with tapping front 12 o’clock, followed by 3 o’clock, then behind you at 6 o’clock and then finally 9 o’clock (toughest)
– Then stand on your right leg, and repeat the above in reverse 

To increase intensity: Bend you knees slightly


SLS clock


Equipment Required: Chair/Stool | Sets: 2 | Repetition: 10-12

– Find a chair/stool that is knee high
– Stand in front of it and put your foot on the step. Then lift yourself up using only this leg 

To increase intensity: Use Weights: 5 Kg x2   Step-ups

1 Arm 1 Leg RDL

Equipment Required: None | Sets: 2 | Repetition: 10-12

– Grab a dumbbell with the opposite arm
– Stand on one leg, bend forward at the hip by pushing the hips backwards. Keep your spine and neck relaxed and hips leveled while thinking about driving your free leg’s heel toward the ceiling
– Always keep a slightly flexed knee in the supporting leg
– To go back up to the starting position, squeeze your glutes hard and pull yourself with the posterior leg 

To increase intensity: Increase dumbbell weights 


1 Arm 1 Leg RDL

Split Squats

Equipment Required: None | Sets: 2 | Repetition: 10-12

– Stand in a split stance feet hip width, holding a pair of dumbbells
– Lower the body straight down so both knees flex 90°

To increase intensity: Use weights: 5 Kg x2 

Split Squats

Leg sit-backs

Equipment Required: Chair/Stool | Sets: 2 | Repetition: 10-12

– Stand upright on both your legs in front of a stool or a chair
– Then push your hips backward as if you are about to sit down and then bend your knees in a squat position in order to lightly touch the stool/chair with your bottom
– Slowly return to your starting position

To increase intensity: Decrease the duration of your sitting down posture 

Leg sit-backs 1
Leg sit-backs 2