Tamara Gee

NEBU Cosmetics recently launched their gorgeous makeup products in Dubai and lucky for us we got the chance to sitdown  with the gorgeous Co-Founder of the brand, Tamara Gee. 

The Blush Works: Tell us about yourself and your brand.

Tamara Gee:  I was born from love, to give love and share love with the world in everything that I do. I’ve been singing since I was 5 years old, professionally since I was 12. Music has always been a very significant part of my life. Creativity has been a vibration resonating at my core since I can remember. I feel very grateful, humbled and privileged to be able to pursue my passions and to have a life partner who is equally as spiritual, creative, driven, tenacious and shares the same core beliefs. From a great love, fine attention to detail, equally creative vision, tenacious drive and insane belief, my husband Adam and I founded and created NEBU Milano. After various experiences in television and filming video clips, I discovered that the makeup that was being used was not long lasting. The makeup artists were constantly reapplying due to the hot lights and perspiration and this repeated application of product was very harsh on my skin. Additionally, from this experience coupled with constantly traveling… the packaging was typically poor quality, and the product was shattering, clasps were falling apart and the exterior was either breaking and/or scratching. These combined elements became our mission to create a beautiful product that is made of the highest quality, that is highly resistant, long lasting and is ultimately incredible for the skin. This lead us to creating the entire collection in Italy, bringing back the essence of quality product, with the worlds leading manufacturers. Being fascinated with ancient mythology and considering the brands name and this great inspiration, we discovered that NEBU is the symbol of gold. This lead us to triple plate all of the products with 24 carat gold and platinum (for each woman’s taste), and creating hypoallergenic formulas enriched with antioxidants, jojoba and coconut oil, vitamins E and A, and paraben free product that does not contain any animal fats, and not tested on animals. We are very proud that all NEBU Milano products are Made In Italy.

TBW:What inspires you?

TG: Life. Love. Mother Earth. Laughter. Children. Friendship. Family. Happiness. Passion. Belief. Following your heart. Music. Inner beauty flowing outwardly. Connection. Other people suffering. Life’s struggles. Judgement. The Impossible. When someone says “It’s too difficult”

TBW: One person you’d like to work with and why.

TG: I actually have two if I may say so 🙂 Angelina Jolie and Amal Clooney. Both are beautiful women inside and out, caring for the enrichment of the world, using their platforms and voices for a greater cause much bigger than themselves. To me, this is what a “star” represents. They set the standard of what the role of women in the public eye can achieve and inspire others to follow in their footsteps leaving their vital footprints for future generations of women globally. 

TBW:Three Makeup products you think everyone should have.

  1. Satin luminous powders
  2. Lipstick
  3. Mascara

TBW: If there’s one piece of advice you could give your younger self, what would it be?

TG: To love yourself unconditionally. Never ever forget about your inner child. Never underestimate your feminine divinity of power. Stay grounded and never lose your humility. Let wounds along the way turn to scars that ultimately heal to make you stronger and let this manifest the deepest power of love for yourself, at the core of your being to catapult you over any mountain you encounter or carry you through any valley you walk into the sunset toward your Happiness and Success. For they are yours. Embrace this, never forget the challenges, let them make you stronger and provide momentum, but do not dwell on them and never look back. More than anything, keep an open heart until your last breath.

Follow Tamara on Instagram @tamara.gee.music , and NEBU Milano @Nebumilano