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Rising Star of the month


Easily the most talented illustrator we have ever met, Samar Sadik, took the time out for The Blush Works team. Samar designs beautiful notebooks, greeting cards, bookmarks, shirts and cushions with her classy illustrations on them. Do follow her on Instagram @samar_illustrates and see her amazing work for yourself 🙂

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Tell us a little something about yourself?

I grew up in the UAE and I am a huge fan and supporter of the ‘Made in Dubai / UAE’ brand. I consider myself a home-grown artist / business 🙂

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When did you start?

I started drawing from a very young age. It was a hobby which I developed myself. I started drawing cartoon characters and creating my own comic books as I used to watch a lot of cartoons and I read many comic books such as Asterix and Obelix and Archie. I also used to illustrate caricatures but I was also very interested in fashion – not so much being a designer but drawing dresses and pretty girls.

How did you come up with the Idea of Samar Sadik Designs?

I’m a freelance Art Director and Graphic Designer, which is my main day job. I design brand identities and print collateral. Fashion illustrating is a passion of mine which I’ve always wanted to develop into a business but never really gave it the time it deserves. Whenever I felt like taking a break I would illustrate for myself. Since social media came about I used it as a platform to share my art and get feedback from family and friends which was amazing! The response and feedback from everyone is really what pushed me to take things to the next level which is how my line of paper goods, social stationary and gifts came about. I have always wanted to combine my passion for both and now couldn’t have been a better time!


What inspires you?

Artists like Gustav Klimt, Monet and some of the pioneers in fashion illustration such as René Gruau, Erté, Christian Lacroix and Jason Brooks to name a few. Fashion photography, interior magazines influence me as well. I feel very inspired by spectacles, dance and music shows and the theatre. Classical music and Bossa Nova beats are my favourite to listen to when I illustrate. When I’m on a deadline I sometimes listen to trance to speed things up! I also love observing people – their dress, facial features, body language – and how they react or interact in daily life.

In addition to all this, I would say travel is my biggest form of inspiration. Travelling to different countries allows me to see different cultures and I love immersing myself in new experiences.


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Any Upcoming events for Samar Sadik Designs?

Currently not, however I may participate in a pop-up soon…I am developing my line of products and focusing on my artwork.


One fashion accessory you think everyone should own.

Hmm…tricky question…since we’re talking about everyone then I think a watch! A lot of people here in Dubai aren’t on time so maybe a watch would come in handy!

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What advice would you give to younger designers/Illustrators?

My advice is to carry around a sketch book with you wherever you go and sketch. Practising will help develop your skills, confidence and help generate ideas.

I also find very inspiring and helpful to create mood boards where you can collect images of things that can help generate ideas for your drawings. Never be afraid to ask for feedback whenever possible, professional or otherwise. Keep experimenting with styles and modifying it. Just let your creativity lead you.

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