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Alamdar Khan


We met with the talented and extremely good looking singer and actor, Alamdar Khan, from Pakistan. Alamdar is a very humble and down to earth human being, and it was indeed a pleasure for Team Blush Works to get know more about him. Read on! (Follow Alamdar on Instagram @Alamdarkhanofficial)

1.Tell us about yourself.

Alamdar khan; An actor, singer songwriter, a fitness enthusiast based in Islamabad Pakistan. I am a dreamer & always dream big. I want to make sure when I look back into my life there’s  absolutely no room for regrets.

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2.Was becoming a singer something you always wanted to do?

We all have our talents within us and time actually allows us to discover them. I always wanted to be a pilot because my dream was to fly and even to date. However Music allows me to fly even without a G-suit.

3. Who inspires Alamdar?

Inspiration is a deep word itself; but to me I have always been listening to all genres of music to start with. And with time James Blunt was one of the singers who actually inspired to pursue my passion for music and the acting part actually evolved with time.

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4. What are some of the challenges you’ve faced in your career?

I recently played a negative character for a Serial “Tera Mera Rishta” which was definitely a challenge for me but I personally loved pulling it off.

5. Upcoming projects for you?

The current projects that are awaiting release are two feature films; Pakistan’s First Dance Based Feature Film “Dance Kahani” to be released in August 2016 followed up by an English SciFi Thriller feature film “Sedare”. I  have a few songs that I’m looking at releasing pretty soon including “Zindagi” OST for Dance Kahani and “Hum Aik Hain” (We are One) for independence Day 2016.

6. Advice for people who want to be in the same line of work as you.

Dream Big (dreaming doesn’t have any barriers); and Never give up on them.

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7. One fashion accessory you think everyone should own.

Boots ….. a good pair of Solid Boots