Ansab Jahangir

The Blush Works in collaboration with Boulevard One had the chance to chat with Karachi Based Designer Ansab Jahangir and her team. 

Ansab Jahangir is bringing her latest collection to Boulevard One’s Festive Boutique on the 1st of October at The Palace, Downtown Dubai.

*The Blush Works was talking to Zoha, Ansab’s Sister.

1.Tell us about Ansab Jahangir

Basically, Ansab is my sister, and she found this brand almost a year ago. We both went to Canada to study economics since my dad was not in the favor of us doing a fashion degree. He insisted on us having a solid degree first and then doing whatsoever we want to. So she started first. I used to do event planning initially, but I helped her around for a while because I really like this field. So that’s how it all started, its been about a year now, we started in May 2015.

2.Where are you based?


ansab jhangir1
3.Give us a brief introduction about Ansab and yourself.

I have basically done economics from Canada, and I got back and started doing event planning. My company exists by the name of Sarooj, along with that I am the creative director of Ansab Jehangir. So I handle all the shoots, blogging and media stuff while Ansab takes care of the designing aspect of the business we run.

Ansab too went to Canada for her degree in economics. However she has always wanted to do fashion designing ever since she was a kid.

4.What are some of the struggled you have faced?

Some of the struggles that we have faced include, being in Pakistan, the political instability. Which bothers us in a way that the workers have a problem coming in for work, the strikes that take place all the time. Apart from that, Alhamdulilah, everything has been great. Our studio is based within our house, so its kind of super convenient.

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5.What about the fact that there are so many fashion designer in the industry now? How do you deal with that?
The thing is that every designer has a personal aesthetic sense that the other may not have, so you will not find Ansab Jahangir in someone else. And what you find elsewhere, you will not find it here, that’s because everyone has their unique sense of style.

6.Do people compare prices?

People actually do compare prices, but since we have started recently, people usually don’t come up to us with such complaints rather they find us relatively cheaper than the rest. It is obviously because we have just entered the market and we don’t want to hike up the prices. We do cater to most budgets, however there are clients who want us to go really really low on the prices but that is sometimes not possible.

7.One celebrity you’d like to work with?

Beyonce, I personally like very much. I love her style and would like to dress her up or collaborate with her.

ansab jhangir3
8.Three Fashion accessories you think everyone should have.

I feel, these days gharara pants are the thing, they go with everything. We have done fusions, paired them up with western tops and so on. Then I feel a clutch is very important to carry as it is a solid statement that you make. And finally, a pair of sunglasses. Even if you’re not dressed, shades are a must.

9.Boulevard one is a big name, what are you looking forward to?
Well, a lot of people, haha! We have been wanting to do this for a while now, but their policy of not working or collaborating with others during a specific time and random things like timings always came up so we couldn’t do it before. Last time, we had committed elsewhere before so we couldn’t do it. It is a great opportunity; the trunk shows are always packed. And since people in Dubai are obsessed with Pakistani, Indian and Asian clothes, so it turns out to be a great platform.

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10.Advice for people who want to be future fashion designers?

My advice would be, stay as minimalistic as possible, especially young girls. I feel that they enter this field and go overboard with everything, so please don’t do that because neutrals and basics always work.

11.Message for The Blush Works’ readers?

Subscribe to every issue possible because I personally found The Blush works stuff very interesting. The magazine is very up to date with whatever is happening around.