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Abdullah Qureshi


By Kainat Kamal

Team Blush Works recently met Abdullah Qureshi, the rising star and endowed new singer of Islamabad. Abdullah Qureshi was born on August 6th, 1992. He is a budding musician, who is self-taught and self-made. With his fresh charismatic voice, Qureshi has conquered many hearts. In just a couple of years, this talented young man has made his mark as one of the most liked artist/musician of Islamabad. He has worked with a number of Pakistani bands and is currently focusing on taking his music to new levels of success. Qureshi is the brand ambassador of The Second Layer, a trending clothing brand. Abdullah Quresh’s intezaar featuring sarmad ghafoor recently made it to the Huffington post, for the top 6 pakistani songs everyone should have in their playlist.

Kainat Kamal of The Blush Works got to know him better and asked him a few questions, read more to know who our rising star of the month is.

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BW: Tell us about yourself.

Abdullah Qureshi: Well I’m just another regular boy, born and raised in Islamabad, Pakistan. I graduated from NUST last year and I’m a full time musician now.

BW: Who or what inspires you?
AQ:Musicians and how they deal with life. Whether its a street musician or a famous musician, what inspires me now is that they never stop believing in their own self and keep working to make a living out of music. So whenever I feel hopeless, this really inspires me to take up music as a full time profession.

BW:Do you have any projects coming up? If yes, what do you want your fans to know about it?
AQ:Yes, I have two songs recorded and ready to release. We’re working on the videos.

The first one is about my car, a black Santro that I had a long time ago, it gave me a really hard time but still took me everywhere I wanted to go so I wrote a song about it. It’s a punjabi song called “Kaali Santro”.

BW:How did you realize you had magic in your voice?
AQ: I didn’t. I just started singing when I was 3 or 4 years old. People around me started appreciating me and that’s how it all started. But I always knew I had music inside of me. I remember I used to collect pieces of wood, tape them together, put elastic rubber bands on it to make a guitar.

BW:Was music something you were always inclined towards?
AQ: Yes, as mentioned earlier I started singing at a very young age. My family has always been very supportive about it. I couldn’t study in my exam days because whenever I had a pen or pencil in my hand I started playing drums on my books. Every book had a different sound because of the thickness and so I had a free drumkit.

BW:Did you take any formal training?
AQ: Not yet. But I do plan on taking some vocal lessons in the near future.

BW: What advice do you have for other aspiring musicians?
AQ:Never give up. If you know you have it in you, keep working on it, practice everyday and you’ll get there.

BW:Your favorite song/project up till now?
AQ:My personal favourite would be Intezaar.

BW:Describe your music in one word?
AQ: Versatile.

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