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Rising Star of The Month


 Team Blush Works came across a very interesting book recently “Map My Style”, an adult coloring book with a twist! Its based on style & fashion and comes with beautiful illustrations by Dominic Evans. We were instantly hooked! The book asks you about your fashion style and encourages self-confidence.(Highly recommended by Team Blush Works. Get your copy NOW!!)

 We got the chance to interview the man behind this lovely book,the author and illustrator himself, Dominic Evans. Here’s what he had to say.

1. Tell us something about yourself.
I’m a freelance illustrator based in Manchester, UK! I love to draw a mix of fashion, patterns, editorial work and even comics. My work has been featured in Time Out London, Glamour Magazine, L’Officiel and I finished 2015 by illustrating at The X-Factor UK!. I’ve recently had two books published, Map My Style and Map My Heart (Huck & Pucker 2015). Both are interactive adult colouring books fully illustrated and written by me.

 2. Who/What inspires Dominic?
I’ve always been inspired by comic books since an early age. I used to love the narrative of each one I would read and I always try to incorporate a narrative or story into each image I create. I’d say my artistic influences are Emma Rios, Cliff Chiang, Jason Brooks and more. I get ideas and inspiration from EVERYWHERE!

3. Tell us about MAP MY STYLE and MAP MY HEART. How did you come up with the idea?
I’d always wanted to produce a book that was interactive and similar to an activity book but for adults. At the time when Map My Heart came out there were hardly any books like that out there. Now after Wreck This Journal and The Enchanted Forest , interactive books are now a HUGE trend across the world. I think they’re such great formats for people to express themselves through colouring, exercises and drawing. Both my books, while similar in format are totally different; Heart is all about relationships, break ups and dating whilst Style focuses on womenswear fashion, trends and loving yourself for how awesome you are!

  4. Three fashion accessories you think everyone should carry.

1 – a really good phone case. Mine has dinosaurs, unicorns and mermaids on so it always leaves a good impression!

2 – A great bag/holdall/rucksack. I have a faux leather rucksack I take everywhere and cannot live without

3 – Good hair – your hair is THE ultimate fashion accessory, treat it right and keep it looking fierce!

 5. Advice for people who want to get into the same line of work as you.
DON’T GIVE UP! You will be rejected again and again and again. But you have to keep working at it and have the confidence in your work and what you are producing. If something isn’t working or you’re not sure of how you like it, take a break from it and come back to it after a few days or weeks with fresh eyes. Also, network your socks off. Networking is crucial in building strong relationships with bloggers, PR agencies, marketing teams and editors!

 6. One celebrity you would like to work with and Why?
Just one?! Hmmmm. I’d say I would definitely say I could illustrate Cheryl Fernandez – Versini all day long. She’s stunning, lovely and she is never afraid to take a risk on the red carpet which it comes to fashion and style!

(People in the UAE can buy “Map my Style” and “Map My Heart” from Kinokuniya or online at www.amazon.co.uk)


Follow Dominic on Instagram: @domandink
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