Who doesn’t know the makeup maestro Sobia Mustpha of Sobia’s Salon?
When it comes to makeup, and bridal services, every other bride that leaves you awe struck is Sobia’s client. With other big names like Mussarat Misbah, Daniella and competitors, Sobia’s emerged as the victorious Salon to conquer the clientele of the twin cities Islamabad/Rawalpindi. However after Sobia, her daughter, young and ambitious, Zarpash Mustapha has taken up her mother’s profession and well, she’s making magic!!!

While Sobia is known for her signature makeup style, Zarpash is versatile. From the Desi eastern look that you might want on your wedding day to that charismatic western looks she offers, you might just want Zarpash to create it for you.

So fasten up your seat belts because The Blush Works is taking you on a roller coaster ride of maquillages with Zarpash this month.

Corespondent Kainat Kamal caught up with Zarpash Mustafa for an interview.

Presenting, our Makeup Artist of the month, Zarpash Mustapha!!!!

Zarpash Mustapha makeup artist1
1.Who is Zarpah Mustafa? Tell us about yourself!

Zarpash Mustapha: I’m a goal oriented, determined and a high energy person who believes to live in the present and the world of action. One should always keep challenging themselves, be a risk taker  and that’s exactly how I function,always trying to become my best self professionally and personally. As a person, I’m warm hearted, giving and like to spread enthusiasm to others. The artistic touch in me surely runs in the family and it’s what I have inherited from my supremely talented mother Sobia Mustapha and after a few years of hard work I feel proud and blessed to be working under one roof alongside my mother handling her business.

2.Who or what is your inspiration?

ZM: My mother is my mentor and the way she defined her identity, made her name in the fraternity and her determination is a genuine inspiration to me.

3.Was following your mother’s footsteps always your dream or dis you just ended up as a makeup artist by chance?

ZM: I was born in the make up fraternity following the footsteps of my mother Sobia Mustapha , grew up from the stage playing with the make up brushes as a toddler and emerging into a potential make up artist with the advantage of a platform built by Sobia. Doing make up has always been a dream for me since my mother is my role model but initially i did have second thoughts about becoming a make up artist as it seemed very difficult to be as good as her and face the hurdles and challenges with the same fervour and will power she has until today. To make this dream into a reality I have participated in a number of courses and classes conducted by the best in beauty business over the years and of course with the backing I have and having people acknowledge and appreciate my work gave boost to my morale my zeal and motivated me further to make my name. All This has played a pivotal role in perfecting my technique I’m known for today and has become my signature.

Zarpash Mustapha's makeup
4.Tell us about your favourite products, a few of them!

  •  Kiehls Midnight  Recovery oil and facial cream
  • La MER sunscreen and lip balm
  • Armani Eyes to Kill mascara
  • Anastasia brow gel
  • Posey cream blush by Mac
  • Dior Rosy Glow blush
  • NARS illuminator
  • Angel lipstick By Mac
  •  Spanish Pink by Tom Ford

5.What are you career goals?

ZM: My lifetime goal is to be on the top of the pyramid and to stay as best of the best.

There is a lot in the pipeline, working on few projects simultaneously and my best is yet to come.

6.If given a chance, who would you like to work with?

ZM: Victoria Beckham, hands down! Her sharp business sense and a real understanding of how women want to look and feel is very inspiring

7.Your favourite/best experience up till now?

ZM: The first time I worked on an international platform which was in DC a show organised by DIL Foundation and represented our salon. It feels great to be working with differently personalities, multi cultured people and learn so much.

Zarpash Mustapha's eye makeup

8.How did you discover this talent in you?

ZM: As I mentioned above, I’ve had the aptitude and knack for it and this talent is surely inborn which made it a little easy to carry my mothers legacy and maintain the standard. It’s never a bed of roses initially, until you put your heart and soul into it, you just don’t have that accomplished feeling. My talent was surely discovered and believed when I indulged myself in some areas like putting henna and doing party make ups and it was actually being acknowledged and appreciated. That’s how it started.

9.Name your favorite brand?

ZM: Urban decay

10.What advice do you have for the upcoming makeup artists?

ZM: For those who are pursuing this as their field and to all the upcoming entrepreneurs should always remain focused and work towards their goal. Remember to surround yourself with a great team and keep the competition healthy. There is no shortcut in life and the true learning comes from working under fire. Be innovative and enthusiastic about your ideas and keep working hard.

Zarpash Mustapha makeup2

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