Sehrish Chaudhry

By Kainat Kamal
Team Blush Works met with the extremely talented Sehrish Chaudhry and got to know her better. Sehrish is 24, and extraordinarily successful. She owned the famous “La Bella” in Islamabad, Pakistan before she moved to USA. In her conversation with The Blush Works, Sehrish told us about her passion for makeup and fashion along with her take on life. She is young and ambitious. With her motto to never back down, our makeup artist of the month is creating magic with her brushes. Here is what she had to say about herself! Sehrish Chaudhry: I’m a certified makeup artist and hair stylist based in New York. I’m 24 and I’ve lived all my life in Pakistan and now that I’m here it makes me realize that there’s so much out here for everyone, especially for someone like me. As they put it, “Where Dreams Come True”. 

I kinda figured out that I want to be a makeup artist about 4 years ago. I never ever thought doing someone’s makeup and hair could actually satisfy me to the point where I’d just want to keep doing it  for the rest of my life. I can’t explain it in words but I’ll just say that once you’re done working on someone’s face and hair, that smile on your client’s face is everything. It makes everything single second worth it.  

TBW: Who or what inspired you?

SC:To be honest, my paintings that I worked on for my thesis made me just wanna play with brushes forever. Right after, I found myself playing with makeup, I would sit every night and practice. 

 TBW: Did you take professional training or is it just your passion? 

 SC: Nope, no professional training at all. Everything that I know today is entirely self taught. But once I moved to New York I took some makeup workshops and hair classes, that made me want to get into a makeup school to get licensed. So today actually is my first day at the Make Up Designory School in New York.

 TBW: Tell us about La Bella.

SC: La Bella means “The Beautiful” – It really just started from focusing on creating eye looks for fun, different colors, themes, playing with makeup to now full on glam and beautiful brides! I’m proud of where I am today and it only makes me want to keep going further! Hopefully in the future I’ll be opening up my own academy along with my makeup line!

TBW:What advice do you have for budding makeup artists like you?

SC: Never look down on any artist. Every artist is different. Every artist is beautiful in its own way. You just never stop learning. There’s always something you’ll find new, every single day. Just keep going. Do what you love and you’ll never work a day, trust me on that one! 

Sehrish owns her own You Tube account  to inspire her followers!