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Sakib Chishti


Sakib Chishti is an amazingly talented makeup artist from Lahore, Pakistan. He specializes in Bridal, Party and Fashion makeup artistry. We caught up with him to get to know who Sakib is and here’s what he had to share. Read on!

1. Tell us about yourself.
I’ve studied fashion design … a warn out cliche that I’m a born artist but I am lol… love to paint create things and hair and makeup is my first love

2. When did you realize you wanted to become a makeup artist?
Don’t know how it happend but while I was studying fashion I got my first break as a makeup artist for doing makeup for a fashion show and after that there was no looking back.

3. Who inspires you and why?
I get inspired by so many people, especially the ones who are self made and got their recognition through their work, I take all of them as my role models
4. One person you’d love to do makeup for.
I think every face is a new challenge for me and it excites me to a point where I get goosebumps. So it can be just any one.
5. Three must have beauty products.
Hair spray, a good foundation and a good pack of brushes. 
6. Advice for aspiring makeup artists.
Don’t even listen to any one who categories professions by gender, do what ever you want to do and think that it would make a difference to this world and believe in yourself, you wereborn to serve a purpose!