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Mehrene Rohan


Our beautiful makeup artist of the month is Mehrene Rohan. Mehrene is based in Dubai and conducts makeup workshops here. A fashion and beauty addict, we caught up with Mehrene and got to know more about her.(Follow Mehrene on Instagram @Mehrenem)

1. Tell us about yourself.

An extremely passionate individual in regards to fashion and makeup. I started my career off in 2012 with my brand label M E H R E N E which is a Pakistani based womens wear brand aimed towards a clientele which is hip, trendy and extremely stylish, after completing my Fashion Degree from AIFD in Karachi. I branched out in 2014 with professional certification from The London College of Makeup and decided to teach through workshops by becoming a Makeup Educator a year later. Till today, I cannot decide what I love more- Fashion or Makeup.

2. When did you realize you wanted to become a makeup artist?

To learn the art of makeup was a childhood passion which was suppressed within me due to society not considering it to be worthy to take up as a good enough career. But as I grew older, the passion remained and only grew with time. So makeup, is definitely a field I always was inspired by and eventually landed up loving educating others the know-hows about it.

3. Who is your inspiration and Why?

My inspiration are a couple of You tubers that I tend to follow on a regular basis. I can relate a lot with them as I feel I was a self taught makeup artist to an extent. My professional certification was taken more so for others to have confidence in me, I felt I had the basic knowledge and input related to makeup products beforehand. I feel makeup is extremely personal and mood oriented, one day it can be to look natural with soft eyes and glowing luminous skin, while the next day you can decide to have completely matte skin, and go all out with a bold smokey eye. 

4. Three beauty products you swear by!
The three products I swear by: 

Moisturizer: Depending on your skin type, I cannot stress enough importance for this! I use one by La Roche Posay currently.

Brow products by Anastasia Beverly Hills, be it a brow wiz or a pomade, shaping your brows is like shaping your entire face. 

MAC’s studio fix powder foundation – quick and easy, with build able coverage

5. One person you’d love to doll up? Kareena Kapoor

6. Advice for upcoming makeup artists.

I have noticed how young makeup artists seem to forget about the locally available brands and products that are hidden gems. They tend to follow what the latest release is, and be the first one s to grab it, not realizing that they are buying what we’re shown dramatically via advertisements or preference of You tubers who are most of the time affiliated through those brands, and get a profit percentage or commission on them. So first, is definitely to research and try and support local brands which are quite affordable and will help our economy eventually.   

7. Tell us more about your makeup workshops.

My makeup workshops are aimed to groom students who are complete amateurs in makeup. I teach Basic Makeup Grooming Workshops which is an in depth two day workshop,and includes eye makeup, brows, face makeup, skincare, tools knowledge, highlighting and contouring and a lot of personal tips. I recently started my one day workshop, for women on the go called the one day: Face Masterclass. This is more so focused for achieving the flawless face. All workshops of mine are interactive sessions and I encourage students to bring in their products and tools or utilize mine, anything works whichever way they feel more comfortable. The immediate positive reaction of students learning right then and there is what ignites my passion for makeup even more.