Aleen Rehman

The Blush Works recently caught up with Islamabad based makeup artist Aleen Rehman and we are in love! Read on about this chic, smart and multitalented beauty from Isloo!

The Blush Works: Tell us about yourself?
Aleen Rehman: I’m a Makeup Artist/Beauty blogger. I love Fashion. Beyond that I love my dog ”Louie” who brightens my mornings. Lastly I love Travelling.

aleena rehman1
TBW: What made you want to be a makeup artist? Is it something you were always passionate about?
AR: I always knew i wanted to do something in makeup. I used to watch makeup tutorials over and over everyday and kept trying new looks on myself. I got inspired by a lot of makeup artists around the world.

TBW: Who is your inspiration?
AR: The list is endless but my original inspiration was Pixiwoo.

aleena rehman2
TBW: One celebrity you would like to work with?
AR:I would love to work with Kim Kardashian.

TBW: Three Makeup products you swear by?
AR:Benefit High Beam highlighter, Sephora high coverage concealer and Dior BB cream.

TBW: Advice for young and upcoming makeup artists.
AR: I believe anything you want to achieve, you can. Never shy away from what you fear. Go for your passion and the rest will follow because everything you do from your heart will be blessed.

aleena rehman3
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