Based out of Singapore, Samina Malik is a makeup artist, an educator and a mommy-preneur. Here she shares a little something about her passion – makeup & beauty. 

Samina with her clients at one of her regular classes

Tell us something about yourself, where you’re from,where did you grow up and about your family.

First, I want to say about myself is that I am a MUM, of four beautiful children  who drive me mad at times but I love them!

Second, I am a dreamer. I dreamt of having my own business as a child, related to fashion actually. I imagined wearing beautiful power suits and standing in a board room. LOL
Today, I am known as SAM.M, a Personal Makeup Shopper and Makeup Tutor, owner of my own business here in Singapore. I love my job and love teaching women how to bring forward their best feature. Think of it like a makeup stylist, a makeup artist dedicated to educate her clients on how to look their best by making sure they buy the right products, use the right tools and apply with the right techniques. My makeup shopping and lessons are very popular!

I grew up in London, Harrow to be exact,my parents still live there.I was the eldest of 4. I moved to Germany after marriage and 9 years later moved onto US. In 2012 we moved to Singapore.


What made you get into makeup? Was it always something you were passionate about?

I have been in the makeup industry for nearly 20 years. The reason I got into makeup was because I loved how makeup could change the way a person feels about themselves. The positive energy that one feels when they know they look good is so powerful and beautiful. The confidence boost is the magic that some people need to feel. Some say makeup industry is so superficial and shallow, but I would say that it actually helps people feel more positive about themselves and instill confidence It has helped cast away certain stigma’s and reveal certain beauty we all were too blind to see before. For example, dark skin was not considered beautiful in certain cultures, but now due to the makeup industry, we have images of models from all backgrounds on the covers of magazine or on TV!
I am passionate about wanting to prove that darker skin is just as beautiful as any other. I want to shed that stigma. I am dedicated to help ANYONE who second guesses their beauty to show them how beautiful they can look. “Embrace your beauty through natural looking makeup, not to cover it up in a mask of it”. That is my philosophy.
Who is your inspiration?

My inspiration is the face in the crowd that doesn’t believe how beautiful they really are. I want to make them believe in their own beauty and show them how to feel confident.

Name a few beauty products you think everyone should own

The products I think everyone should own are:
1. Marc Jacobs perfection powder
2. Mac color corrector duo
3. Hoola by Benefit Cosmetics
4. Highlighter by Becca
5. They’re Real mascara
One celebrity you would like to do makeup for?

I would love to do makeup on Sanam Saeed (Pakistani Actress/Model)

Follow her on Instagram: @Samina_Malik and check out her amazing website

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Super job. Sam not only uses great techniques to enhance one’s features but she is a very patient teacher. She listens to her customers needs and ensures they learn to spend wisely on makeup that looks good on them and not just fill their bags with accessive stuff they might not use. I love both her natural amd glamourous looks. Congratulations Sam.


We love Samina! Thanks for the comment Fatima.Keep coming back to The Blush Works and leave your feedback.

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