Getting Candid with The Ansar Sisters

We have been following The Ansar Sisters for a while now, and let us tell you- they bring so much joy to our Instagram feed. First of all- if you aren’t already- please go follow them now! We promise you will fall in love with these beautiful girls just like we did!

We sat down with the sisters to know more about them. Read on to see who is behind the Ansar Sisters, what inspired them to start this journey and much more.

Most of you guys know us as “Ansarsisters”. Just want to state a fun fact that we’re NOT twins (as much as we’d love to be) we’re 5 years apart ( hard to believe right). With the enormous support of fellow bloggers we are humble and grateful to be surrounded by amazing community. A bit about us: Subah and I (Eliza) are full time students with a focus in medicine. Born and raised in Pakistan we are currently in between New York City and Columbus, OH. Growing up we both enjoyed fashion and makeup and wanted to utilize this platform to showcase our creative side.

The Ansar Sisters – Subah and Eliza

Through our blog we aspire to share personal style, beauty tips, sisterhood, travel adventures and fashion obsession. We love showcasing both Pakistani and American culture that are a huge part of our identity and share our lovely bond as sisters.

The Blush Works: Hashtags that describe you
Ansar Sisters: #sosheslays #fashionista #stylengrace

TBW: Favourite fashion designer.
AS: Eastern- Hussain Rehar.
Western- Coco Chanel

TBW: One Social Media Account you love, and Why?
AS: @Desi.humour is legit our mood 24/7

TBW: Favourite Fashion accessory
AS: Handbag!!! A must

TBW: One beauty product you just can’t do without.
AS: Tinted moisturizer

TBW: What song is on repeat for you these days?
AS: Jalebi baby

TBW:Last movie you watched
AS: The little things

TBW: Your favourite show on Netflix
AS: Currently Bridgerton

TBW: Describe yourselves in 2 words.
AS: Hustler and Determined

TBW: What made you guys start your journey on Instagram?
AS: Our love for our culture and women empowermentWho is the bossy one?

TBW: Chaye or Coffee?
AS: Hard one. But chai over anything

TBW: Favourite place to shop for makeup and/or clothing.
AS: Bloomingdales or Saks

TBW:Favourite high end brand and high street brand.
AS: High end: Louis Vuitton
High street: Zara

TBW: 5 favourite Influencers.
AS: @leoniehanne

We loved catching up with these gorgeous sisters, through their blog, they have inspired so many girls around the world. More power to you girls!