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Blogger Spotlight: Niggi


Nikita Phulwani or more commonly known as Niggi is a plus size fashion blogger based in Dubai. Originally Indian but born and brought up in Dubai, Niggi considers it home here.

Through her Instagram, Niggi shares with her followers what she wears, where she goes and what she eats. She also shares her beauty rituals and must have make up products! Lover of all things positive and happy, Niggi is always seen with a smile on her face x

We sat down with Niggi and had an amazing time picking her brains

•TBW: Hashtags that describe you

#plussize #cheerful #happy

•TBW: Favourite Website


•TBW: One social media account you follow religiously


•TBW: One book you’d recommend

Not much of a reader 🙁
•TBW: One film role you think you could have played better or you think you can relate to.

The fat friend Ranbir Kapoor has in Wake Up Sid

•TBW: Favourite workout

I wish I worked out 🙁

•TBW: What’s your all time favourite song

Young & Beautiful by Lana Del Ray and Tunak Tunak Tun by Daler Mehendi haha
•TBW: Talking about songs, your favourite artist/band

I am currently loving The Weekend and Ed Sheeran and I can’t believe I am saying this but Justin Bieber! I love Drake too

•TBW: Favourite TV Show

I don’t see TV shows

•TBW: Last movie you watched

Beauty and the Beast
•TBW: Shopaholic or Foodie?

Shopping over food any day!

•TBW: What was the last thing you bought

Gucci Sneakers
•TBW: Best thing you can cook/bake

I don’t cook – I burn the kitchen

•TBW: Favourite holiday destination

I love the vibe of London and Amsterdam but I would love to go to Maldives and Spain

•TBW: Favourite restaurant in Dubai

I have so many! Love Sushi so some would be Wakame, Zuma and I also really like Miss Lilys

•TBW: Sneakers or heels

Sneakers any day!
•TBW: Your style icon

Regionally I love Fozaza!

•TBW: Favourite high street store

River Island!
•TBW: Must have beauty product

Currently loving the Shape Tape Concealer but I think an absolute must have is the beauty blender

•TBW: One celebrity you’d like to go on a date with

I think Aditya Roy Kapur is just stunning!
•TBW: Describe yourself in three words.

Confident, Happy and Social