Palwasha Khan

If you’re looking to revamp your furniture and need some fantastic ideas, look no further! Palwasha Khan will help you do just that. Read on as Palwasha tells us more about herself and her blog


TBW: Tell us about yourself

Palwasha: I feel like I wear many hats these days. I work as academic counsellor by morning, a besieged mom by afternoon, a novice homemaker by evening and finally an interior blogger after my overactive toddler is put to bed.

TBW: What made you want to become a blogger? Was it something you always wanted to do?

Palwasha: No actually I never thought I would ever blog. It was more like need of the hour- after posting some refurbishing projects on the DIY group I was asked by the members for step by step instructions. That’s when I thought of blogging. My main aim is inspire the every woman to dabble into projects herself.


TBW: What makes your blog unique ?

Palwasha: The term recycling is finally being acknowledged in Pakistan and there is definitely a shift towards an eco-conscious society. There is an increasing number of people recycling and reusing products. However the concept of furniture recycling is still very new to Pakistan. It’s an untapped market as I feel there will always be many benefits of furniture recycling, regardless of the times we live in.

My blog’s main aim is to bring the culture of furniture recycling to Pakistan. I want to encourage reuse of furniture to prevent perfectly functional, quality goods from being discarded. I also hope I can inspire more people to try their hand at upcycling projects, with locally available products.


TBW: Tell us about your FB group- DIY Design Interiors Yourselves.

Palwasha: This group will always be very close to my heart as it was something I did after becoming a mom.  Though I thoroughly enjoyed my son, I needed to do something which would allow me the opportunity to just be Palwasha Khan, the creative free spirit.

So I began a FB group called DIY (DIY Design Interiors Yourselves). I wanted to create a forum that would allow people to share their DIY experiences and home decor adventures. It was basically a medium which would give us the opportunity to learn from each other and have fun along the way. Two years old and 4,500 member strong- this group is a first of its kind in Pakistan which mainly focuses on recycling furniture.


TBW: What are some of the challenges you face as a blogger

Palwasha: Blogging requires a lot of dedication- it’s not easy ! I think you really need to be committed to make it work. I find it challenging at times, juggling my job, family and trying to take out time to blog.

TBW: Advice for up and coming bloggers

Palwasha: Find something you are truly passionate about, this will make blogging that much easier. Once you begin be focused, dedicated and consistent and of course don’t forget to enjoy the journey.