Nylaah Shoaib

 The Blush Works:Tell us about yourself. 

Nylaah Shoaib: Hi! My name is Nylaah Shoaib and I’m from Toronto, Canada – but recently moved to Islamabad after I got married! I go back and forth quite often so its kind of having best of both worlds. I completed my degree at York University for Honors in Business Law, but currently am not working and recently just had a baby, so quite busy with that!

TBW:What made you want to become a blogger?

 NS: I posted my first blog post back in 2014, before blogging became the next big thing. It was quite random to be honest. I had started working at a firm after completing University and decided to create a website during my lunch break and started posting random stuff to keep myself busy. On the weekends I was working at Sephora part time where I also learnt a lot about skin/makeup related stuff, which also gave me more stuff to share/advise about.

With my wedding and travelling that same year, my blog was quite neglected. However now that I’m at home for a bit with my baby and I, I do plan on taking it more seriously and posting regularly!

TBW: What inspires you?

NS: Unpretentious, hardworking individuals. I feel like since I travel back and forth from Toronto to Islamabad, there is a vast difference in the way people present themselves and want others to perceive them as. I love and appreciate people who are humble and true to themselves before anything. That is beauty and inspiration in itself.

TBW: One celebrity you’d like to work with and why?

NS: Victoria Beckham. As far as I can remember, I was a crazy Spice Girl fan and Posh Spice was my favorite. She has come a long way and I absolutely adore her sense of style, her fashion line, her determination as a wife, mother and businesswoman, – all of which is true motivation. It takes a lot of stability and compromise for a woman to be able to handle all that she has and that too at a very young age. I definitely wouldn’t mind some fashion and business advice from her!

TBW: Three Fashion accessories you think everyone should own.

  • NS: A pair of nude stilettos: If you know me, you already know this about me – I carry heels with me in my purse almost everywhere I go.  
  • An oversized bag: I personally love big, oversized bags – pretty much big enough to throw in almost everything possible. For us girls, we practically need to be ready for everything, from lip-gloss to heels – literally.
  • Sunglasses: A pair of sexy sunglasses is a must. Not only are they an essential, but also a style statement. There are quite a few popular designs and shapes out right now and oversized seems to be the trend this year.

 TBW:  Makeup products you think everyone should own.

  • NS: Mascara: I love long, thick, black lashes. I pretty much apply every mascara I possibly own, coat over coat. I don’t mind being bare face, but mascara is a must.My favorite has to be by Sephora – “Outrageous Curl”
  • Tinted Moisturizer: I love makeup, but on the regular, tinted moisturizer is all I use. It keeps my skin hydrated and at the same time conceals any minimal imperfections.I recommend Josie Maran – which has SPF and leaves your skin feeling super soft and hydrated.
  • Anastasia Liquid Lipstick in Craft and Catnip: Although I’m a lipstick lover, my recent craze over liquid lipstick is obsessive. Both these colors are perfect for everyday. They dry matte and are super long lasting.

TBW: Advice for up and coming bloggers.
NS: For one, don’t be lazy and keep your content going. I know when I started my blog/website back in 2014, there weren’t as many bloggers out there as there are now. It may seem difficult to get noticed, – especially if you’re starting off where the possibilities are endless on a platform with so many talented individuals. Just remember, nothing comes easy, you have to work hard for what you want. Keep your content original and be true to yourself as well as honest to the readers reading your blog. Most importantly, have fun at the same time! Don’t be afraid to be yourself.
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