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Kiran Farooq


By Kainat Kamal

Kiran Farooq is a makeup artist and beauty blogger based in Dubai! This talented young stylist celebrates femininity and promotes aesthetics in her very own way. The fickle world of fashion and advent of social media has given fashionistas like Kiran Farooq a platform to reach out to all ladies around the globe through their blogs! Team Blush Works got a chance to know the creative mua Kiran Farooq better and wrapped up her conversation into a fun interview! Folow Kiran if you follow trends!!
The Blush Works: Tell us about yourself and your blog?
Kiran Farooq: I’ve been working for the past year as a makeup artist and hairstylist. I’ve been very lucky to be selected, trained and certified by Makeup Forever Academy in New York. My work has been published in various magazines including Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, Cosmopolitan, Hello, Ahlan!, OK, Masala and Women’s Health. Besides that I am also a guest makeup columnist for Women’s Health as well as Masala magazine. My blog is all about my experiences with the makeup and beauty products I use. There are just so many new launches these days ans

TBW: What made you to start blogging? Or was it something you always wanted to do?

KF: I did not even know the B of blogging at the very beginning. It started off as an annoying habit on my part where I loved to give my two cents of advice to my friends or the girls at the office with regards to makeup application or a new beauty product that worked for me. Also, in the Middle East, I see a real lack of beauty bloggers in general which is why I thought why not continue my annoying habit of talking about makeup but on a bigger platform! My blog is honestly just my thought on beauty product that worked for me.

TBW: Do you have clients outside Dubai?

KF: I have actually gained a loyal clientele outside of Dubai as well. Considering I’ve only been doing this for about a year, this is very humbling. I’m travelling to Thailand and Pakistan quite a bit this year already.

TBW: Who or what has inspired you?

KF: Maybe not so much inspiration, but I was motivated by my colleague and friend into pursuing this field. She always said, do what you love and you will shine. I have an engineering background but I was always artistic naturally and making this career change at this point in my life was huge for me. I loved makeup and I knew this is what I wanted so I quit my job and moved to New York for a couple months where I trained initially.
TBW: What is style for you?

KF: I really believe our style is a reflection of our personality. I’m a very cheerful person which reflects in my personal style. I wear bright clothes or a bright lipstick or a bright pair of shoes, anything that reflects my cheerful mood.

TBW: Someone you really want to work or collaborate with?

KF: My dream collaboration would be with Pat McGrath. She is just so out of the box with the creations, I would love to pick on her brain even if it’s for just one day.

TBW: What are your fashion essentials or your must haves?

KF:This is a boring one I know but a good pair of jeans and a nice pair of stilettos are a must for me.

TBW: What advice do you have for other bloggers and people who follow trends in fashion?
KF:If you are a blogger then you already know consistency is everything. If you are a beauty blogger, stick to that. If you are fashion blogger, stick to that. I’ve seen too many bloggers trying to blog about everything and loosing content quality. You are your best judge so use your instincts.