Jowairiyya Khan

With so many fashion bloggers around, only a handful really catch your eye and our Blogger of the Month, Jowairiyya Khan is definitely one of them. Smart, sexy and sophisticated, Jowairiyya is a mommy of an adorable baby boy and an amazingly talented blogger. 

Team Blush Works caught up with the fashionista and this is what she had to tell us, read on!

1. Tell us about yourself.

Jowairiyya Khan: My name is Jowairiyya and I’m 31 years old. I’m originally from Canada but moved to the UK over 6 years ago after I got married. I am a Technical Writer by career but these days I’m a stay at home mom to our 16 month old son Aydin. I spend my days with him, and in my very limited spare time do some blogging!

2. What inspires you?
JK: I take a lot of inspiration from the street style I see around me. I’m lucky to live in such a fashion forward city like London; just being out and about you see people wearing the latest trends. And of course social media is another major source of inspo for everyone these days. Just scrolling through your Instagram or Pinterest feed can give you a quick look at what trends are in without doing too much research. Lastly, I am also inspired by my south asian heritage. I find that us south asian ladies are really good at putting together outfits that perfectl blend of east with west.
3. What made you inclined towards blogging? Was it something you always wanted to do?
JK: Blogging was something I fell into totally randomly. I started becoming quite active on Instagram a few years ago when it was still fairly new and up and coming. As I started to gain followers I thought a blog would be a good idea, and so Dulce Vita by J was born.

4. One celebrity you’d like to work with.

JK: Blake Lively. I absolutely adore her sense of style and she just seems like someone I would totally get along with. She’s also a mother like me so we have that in common as well.
5. Three fashion accessories you think everyone should own.

  1. The perfect black dress. It will never go out of style.
  2. A pair of white trainers. You can just throw these on with your favourite pair of jeans and be ready for a busy day.
  3. Red lipstick. I know technically not an accessory but every woman needs to have the perfect red lipstick! 

6. Advice for upcoming and aspiring bloggers.
JK: I know that there’s a ton of new bloggers nowadays so its really hard to get noticed and gain a following. I would say that be true to your style and be unique. I see so many girls just trying to follow all the trends and honestly it gets boring. Not everyone can pull off every single trend, and its okay to be different. Also, photo quality is key to being noticed so it might be worth investing in a decent SLR.
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