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Blogger Of The Month


The world of blogging has vastly improved and opened doors of opportunities not only for women but men as well. 

Our Blogger this month is Hassan Tariq, based in Islamabad (Pakistan), he’s a true professional with a passion for fashion and blogging.

 1. Tell us something about yourself

I work in advertising and currently doing my MBA. I am a fitness freak and don’t know what else to say hahaha!

2. What made you get into blogging?

I felt there was this vaccum where there was a dearth of quality blog that caters to men’s fashion. 

3. Who inspires you and why?

Tom Ford because he is able to translate his vision into great products that sell and ate creative prices at the same time. Esp when he took Gucci from bankruptcy in 1994 to be one of the world’s successful fashio house. 

4. One fashion accessory you think everyone should carry. (Men/Women)
I’ll say sunglasses. A nice scent and lip balm wouldn’t hurt either.

 5 .What Makes Hassan different? 

He is classy, creative and not your average joe. 

6. Who is one person you’d like to work with?

Tom Ford without a doubt. 

7. Advice for upcoming bloggers.
Be yourself. Everyone is doing it. You have to do something that defines you and you are good at. 

Follow Hassan Tariq on Instagram @men_with_panache