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Tender Loving Nose- that’s the name of Avantika Bedi’s fragrance Blog. According to Avantika talking about smells and aromas was something she really enjoyed doing and that’s what led her into the world of blogging. Avantika took the time out for The Blush Works for an exclusive interview. Thank you Beautiful!

1. Tell us about yourself.

My name is Avantika Bedi. I grew up in India in the capital city of New Delhi. The rich history, heritage and culture have influenced several aspects of my life. Now I am married into a family, part of which is settled in Dubai. I briefly lived in Italy to pursue my education, and all these life associations make me a seeker of newer cultures and places…I believe in tolerance and humanity, especially in the current state of things, and believe in the power of art, design, music, fashion and beauty to bring people together from various parts of the world.

  2. What made you get into blogging? Is it something you always wanted to do?

My academic endeavors all these years were leading me straight into the world of design. My inclinations however always led me to explore newer more exciting avenues. After a few years of gaining work experience in an editorial position in an international magazine, there came a phase where I wanted to make a gradual progression to a lifestyle that offered more freedom of time, creativity and decision-making. I have always been someone that read a lot on a variety of subjects and eventually knew that it needed an outlet. Thus, blogging or “reporting” seemed like most perfect thing to do.

3. You blog is quite different and unique, how did you come up with the idea?
First of all thank you for thinking of my humble blog and me. And thank you also for finding it unique. In this sea of creative content and endless talent it can be a daunting task to find one’s uniqueness. However, what I always relied on my own voice and my individual perspective. I try to create a harmony between my design skills, artistic vision as well as knowledge on the subject of perfumery. And this is what lends it uniqueness.

 4. Who or What inspires Avantika Bedi?
Well life itself inspires me and what drives me is TRUST. The trust I have that life will always throw very unique and interesting experiences at you. A few years ago, I moved to Milan, Italy to pursue a Masters in Design, met several friends from various nationalities and really saw the world from an open perspective. I felt evolved as an individual after that brief stint has highly influenced my life.

5. How much does your family encourage you?

My husband introduced me to what we call our second love – the world of perfumery that being our family business and that’s when I knew I had found my calling. I started Tender Loving Nose and its grown so much since last two years all thanks to the support of my two families, my maiden family that raised me and now my husband’s family who support everything I am pursing, and also offer so much knowledge and experience in this particular field.

6. Advice for upcoming bloggers?
I feel humbled to be in a position to offer advice to fellow bloggers, but would be glad to share that never compromise on the quality of your content. It is a reflection of you and what you are about. Blogging is a way to spread ideas, artistic perspective, and knowledge so it should not be treated as a way to gain popularity. Let that be a by-product and not the objective.

7. One fashion accessory you can’t do without.
I love fashion, and I love to shop. An accessory that I can’t do without is a great show – a killer heel or a trendy sneaker.


Follow Avantika on Instagram: @tenderlovingnose
And read her amazing fragrance blog: www.tenderlovingnose.com