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You Must Have this One Piece in Your Wardrobe

white jeans

All of us own pieces of clothing that look amazing at the store, but once you bring them home – you don’t know what to wear them with.

Worry no more, here is the best advice you will hear today – get yourself a pair of white jeans.

If you think that white trouser is a thing of the past then you need to think again and think hard.

With men of tanner skin, you can never have a better piece in your wardrobe. It is that one essential item that goes with every shirt. And if you use your creativity then you can wear it when going to a mall, going to a party and (with the right kind of jacket) as a work outfit .

Just throw away your pair of black jeans and replace it a plain white one.

Once you get the hang of creating your own outfit combinations, you are never going to have enough fun!



Get yourself a pair that fits you perfectly. DON’T and we repeat DON’T get yourself a baggy/loose trouser, otherwise you are going to end up looking very sloppy.

good fit white jeans

Go for It

If you have already overcome the mind block of getting a part of white jeans, then for your shirts don’t limit yourself to safe colors. Experiment with lighter shades of Pink, Green, Maroon, etc

white jeans light color shirt


When choosing a shirt to wear with white jeans, a pattern would always make you stand out!

white jeans pattern shirts


You’ve got a summer blazer and not sure what to wear it with – WHITE CHINOS.
White Jeans with blazerWhite Jeans with blazer


And worry not in this winter season. Experiment with the sweaters that you already have.

White Jeans with sweater


Our favorite! You can’t go safer than blue denim.

White Jeans with denim 02

White Jeans with denim