For all of us living away from Pakistan, we literally jump at any excuse of wearing desi outfits. We can’t really go to work wearing shalwar kameez or sarees. People will think we’ve lost it! 

Ramadan and Eid are the perfect occasions to give our Desi wardrobes a makeover. So here’s what we think you should look for when shopping for an Eid Outfit:

  • Colors: Keeping in mind its Summertime at its peak, go for cool pastels. Sania Maskatiya, Farah Talib Aziz, Maria B and Sehrish Rehan have come up with beautiful Eid Collections, check them out!
  • Tulip Shalwars: The traditional Shalwar is back, with a twist! Tulip Shalwars are all the rave this season. Get yours today! Check out The Pink Tree Company for some lovely pieces!
  • Off-Shoulder Trend: Who knew the off shoulder trend would take over the desi market? Off Shoulder straight cut shirts are everywhere! Where to buy these beauties? Check out Sehrish Rehan
  • Kimono Style Shirts: Kimono Style organza shirts have also been seen lately. Farah Talib Aziz does them so well!!
  • Say no to Loud Prints: Keep it simple and trendy! Don’t go overboard with the prints, you don’t want to end up looking like the curtains at your grandma’s house.
  • Be Yourself!: Who says you HAVE to follow trends? Do what you’re comfortable in! Rock your outfit, take lots of selfies and enjoy with your family! 

Keeping it simple, traditional yet trandy, we put together the following looks. (All Photo Credits go to Abid Malik Photography)

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