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Trends To Toss In 2017


There is no constant in fashion. Fashion is brutal, cut-throat, lethal. As Heidi Klum puts it in every Project Runway episode,

“One day you’re in, and the next day you’re out”

This couldn’t hold truer for the changing trends in the fashion world. Here is a list of some styles that we need to say au revoir to this year.

#1.  High Heels

Believe it or not heels that are four inches or higher are out for the year 2017. Taking their place is a shoe both stylish and comfortable. Who knew that kind of footwear existed? This is the season of the mule. And why shouldn’t it be? With walkable heels and crisscross bodies, there are so many varieties to choose from!

#2.  Classic White Sneakers

True, that they pair well with everything, but we’re getting a little tired of seeing them everywhere. They’re not exciting anymore. Since 2017 is all about re-inventing your fashion, we are going to be re-inventing our sneakers too! Instead of the classic white ones, pick those with a bit of flair and personality. Embroidered, embellished, leopard, satin and even hand painted! We dare you to try the Adidas Flowerbomb Stan Smiths and dial up the volume on your daily look.

#3.  Lace-up body suits and Tops

Ok. So Lace-up tops have been worn to death in 2016, and now they just feel tired. Even Kimmy K has stopped wearing them – that should be clue enough! With so many struggles to pull off a lace-up top, like finding the right bra to match so it doesn’t peek out between the strings, who would want to continue this torture of lace and straps in 2017 as well? Rest.In.Peace.

#4.  Sheer Dresses

Sheer dresses dominated much of the red carpet in 2016, however this trend does not seem to continue into 2017 – and thank the Lord for that. Rather than full-on skin display, this season is all about appreciating that subtle factor. This season we will be practicing the art of seduction in a sophisticated and playful way by playing peek-a-boo with feminine lace or sporty mesh.

#5. Ultra Skintight Jeans

Say no to the skinny jeans that cheapen your outfit that you so carefully put together. We’re talking about those stretchy, ugly-to-look at, elastic-at-the-waist thingies that always cling to your curvy areas in the most unflattering of ways. The ones that usually come without pockets, a cross between cheap leggings and the lowest quality of denim. Please do yourself a favour and ditch stretch denim this season for an original fit.