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THE Trend These Days: Statement Ts


When it comes to shopping, there are two types of shoppers.

Type One :oh I will buy anything that is trendy so that I could throw away the clothes that are no more in fashion”.

Type Two : “man! What is the point of changing trends every now and then? Can’t I stick to a single trend? Or even better, a couple of tees?”

Enough has been written for the first type! (you know who you are)

We have a solution for the second type… yep.. you read it right, no need of changing your wardrobe with changing trends (unless, your clothes are worn out… then there is DEFINITELY a need). Presenting you the uber chic STATEMENT TEES!

  • The best thing about statement tees? They can deliver clear messages without you having to open your mouth. Share your feelings, moods and personality by “wearing it”.
  • No need of cuts and embellishments (although they’re an additional plus). WORDS will decorate your attire.

Some of our favorite Bollywood Celebrities are wearing them too

Get one and flaunt it!

For the selfie lovers. Always.

I would never like reading that, but i would sure as hell love to wear that!

Are you a sleeping beauty? Wake up, get this tee, get back to sleep.

How cool that would be to have this tee for your squad? So much sass, so much POWER!

Yep, my house my rules.

Totally getting this for myself!

Abzzzolutely pizza!

Wearing a quote by a legend, legendary!

So this is all about statement tees. There are various online stores which provide customized tees that can easily fit in your pocket and define your style. And the best part.. they never go out of fashion!

Now look at some of your favorite celebrities flaunting the Statement Ts