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The Lawn Wars!


Summer brings with it some major lawn wars that we witness getting serious by the day.

While some designers toil to bring us “exclusive” prints, some just act like “khan ki dukaan” which has possibly the best replicas in the world.

Gone are those days when Lawn was a clothing we all preferred for summers in Pakistan, gone are those days when lawn meant airy and light fabric in the scorching times. It is the era of forced embellishments and irrational extremism in pomp and show, which entails fancying lawn suits in the most inappropriate ways ever. Iit is also the era of exaggeration in advertisement which implies portraying Lawn as a commodity that women would be incomplete without. Its the era of spending fortunes on things that glitter yet arnt gold. Indeed it is an era of LAWN WARS!!!!

So who cares if its summers? “overdoing” everything is in and the Pakistani textile industry has taken it way too seriously (errrr)!!!

This year, lets welcome another round of unnecessary bling, heaps of weaving, embroidered pattis and swathes of needless silk and chiffon add ons to the “joras” we simply just want to feel comfy in. After all, thats what summer is about.

This year, some of the designer lawn’s most grounded players came back with a bang and conquered the space while some exceptionally encouraging newcomers were seen posing great rivalry to the “untouchables” that are always just ruling summers with whatsoever they bring us.

With short frocks as victors, long dresses as loser and gharara pants as the most wanted trend; here we have some highlights of this season’s lawn wars for you:

Elan Lawn

Exceptional hues, dramatic prints and spot on shoot, Elan won the battle yet again. portraying lawn as a precious possession for women looking for luxury pret and un-stitched lawn suits Elan’s advertisement game was up and strong. however, like last year, their lawn stayed in stores for while. Well that means not many grabbed them foolishly like recent trends.

Maria B. Lawn

Maya Ali as the face of their summer campaign 2017, team Maria B. focused on being versatile. From simply kurti style lawn offerings to fancy chiffon’s, silks and even organza based semi-formals.

The collection was overall a hit, yet failed to be unique as in the case of new entrants.

Sana Safinaz Lawn

This year, Sana Safinaz made affordable luxury lawn possible. with their exquisite yet over rated “Muzlin” collection won many hearts and buyers of course!

Taking us back to simpler times, Sana Safinaz proves that embroidery is not the only way a suit would be sold, that too because of high demand. A blend of perfect colors, rightly chosen prints and combination of materials can be a great selling point! well done.

Sobia Nazir Lawn

Without a doubt, Sobia NAzir lawn was too pretty to look at. But unfortunately it was only worth looking at, because selling “MONOTONY” is definitely not a good idea.

with the same old Net dupattas and digital printings, Sobia Nazir did grab attention but was short lived and definitely NOT the knd of consumer response we expected.

Ideas by Gul Ahmed Lawn

Poor Ideas failed to bring ideas!

Too much of desi vibes coupled with “Jaamni” color is a no no in all cases! Gul Ahmed focused on browns and bolds that were not very popular this season, especially with the lawn joras!

Faraz Manan Lawn

Did Faraz Manan even make an appearance with his lawn collection this summer? well apparently he did but couldn’t capture the audience for the collection wasnt up to the mark.

Oh and it was all BLUE! (like why so blue?)

Crescent Lawn

To our surprise, brands that were not very popular some time back, managed to gain attention of majority this summer. Affordability, appropriateness and adequacy combines, Crescent lawn made huge impact.

With just the right hues, ample embroidery and nice presentation, crescent did it!

Noor by Saadia Asad Lawn

Astonishingly, previously grounded names blossomed this summer, and in a very short time made a remarkable impact through their campaigns.

Noor by Saadia Asad chose Mawra as the face of their brand and hit right in time to launch their festive collection.

This luxe festive lawn wear is doing pretty well and as expected, people are grabbing these for eid like crazy!

Adding the perfect woven designs to the rightly designed prints is what “Noor” has strategically aligned with. Having not so many “brainy” lawn maestros, we have seen a shift in the trends this year.