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The Bomber Trend


The bomber jacket trend that once used to be a major hit is back with another turn in exceptionally attractive hues and crisp styles. Regardless of whether larger than usual or weaved, it’s about these super comfy super cool bomber jackets.


It appears that everything nowadays can be modified to suit your style. There are redone pens, mugs, number plates, key rings, keys, and even shoes! So why settle for less when you can customize your apparels too? Yes folks! With so many credible names like “@internationalbutler” and “Daraz.pk” in the e-commerce business, you can design and wear caps, sweatshirts and even the trendy bomber jackets with literally anything you want on it.

More than other forms, customized bombers have become the most sought after trend of 2017. It has been observed that fashionistas have put forth their expressions by including their initials or other messages that reflects their identity on wearables and followers are absolutely loving it.


From biker-chick cool to modern and chic, bomber jackets add oomph to everyone’s looks. Be it a promotional event or a super casual Sunday brunch, we see customized bombers everywhere. And it is definitely one of those trends that only Pakistan is following but the people around the globe are indulging into.


So things being what they are, what are you waiting for?

Get your inventive top on, be creative and begin pondering what you might want written on your customized bomber jacket to join the ultimate trendy club!