Mina Siddiqui- Inspiration, Artist, Designer

Mina Siddiqui is an artist and designer from Karachi-Pakistan, based here in the UAE. She recently unveiled her latest collection Redefining Beauty-Zeenat Aman by Mina Siddiqui. The collection consisted of beautiful and colorful capes, jackets, scarves and clutches. We were literally awestruck! Every piece was unique and beautiful.  Zeenat Aman, the legendary Bollywood actress was invited to unveil the amazing collection by Mina.

 Mina says growing up, she was the rebel in her family and rebellious figures inspire her. From her Muhamad Ali Jinnah collection to the latest Zeenat Aman one,  Mina knows how to create beautiful things. We want to congratulate Mina on her successful “Sold-out” exhibition in Dubai! Keep shining Mina, we can’t wait to see more amazing stuff from you. 

Press Release by Mina Siddique

Mina Siddiqui Designs are heading to Lahore for Shaan E Pakistan on the 20th of March. If you’re there, don’t miss out, you wouldn’t want to, Trust us!  

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