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Lux Style Awards 2017: The Red Carpet Review


Finally the much hyped Lux style Awards 2017 are over, leaving behind a tornado of gossip and fashion statements that will be talked about for coming months.

Who won, who lost? Who wore the best, who needs more wardrobe assistance in the coming years?

Well we have gathered up the best dressed and the not-so-best dressed (since calling them worse will be an overstatement, considering the amount of money and time these stars must have spent on their attire). So let’s say the not-so-good dressers should consult someone else next time. What say?

Mahira Khan

No surprises here. The multitalented, down-to-earth and gorgeous heartthrob has always dressed impeccably. Dressed in sleek black gown complimented by gold bangles and earrings, the “Raees” girl totally rocked the red carpet leaving her wavy tresses down and nude lips.


Syra Shehroze

If Pakistani film makers ever decided to re make any Disney princess movie, they won’t have to go far for the main lead. Yes! We are talking about the delicate yet firm Syra Shehroze. Wearing a Lebanese designer Ranzia Khem, Syra didn’t look less than “Cindrella” or “belle”. Her sense of fashion was evident in her extremely delicate necklace and earrings that beautifully complimented the gown.

Mawra Hocane 

Well, well, Syra better watch out! Coz she’ll be having a tough competition in the Princess’ auditions. Marwa Hocane looked stunningly beautiful in this dusky pink gown. The gown complimented her delicate frame and gave a fairy tale look. And the bonus was that super pretty Cindrella carriage purse that she was wearing. Guess she has already decided which Disney movie she wants to work on (hint, hint).

Sanam Saeed

The sweet and mellow lady Sanam Saeed looked stunning in her embellished gown.

Sara bharwana

Atif Aslam’s pretty wife rocked the red carpet with this unique two colored gown with the right colors at the right places. Now we understand where Atif gets his inspiration for his beautiful lyrics

Atif Aslam

The rockstar & the presenter of the awards give his wife a tough competition. Sporting a crisp striped suit with a tie having hues of his wife’s dress, Atif didn’t look less than a prince charming.


Our very own and most favorite designer HSY looked all handsome and sober in an all black suit. And black can never go wrong.

Uzair Jaswal

Wearing Humayun Alamgir, the handsome lad must have given mini heart attacks to all the lasses out there.

With so many shining stars, there were a few disappointments. Well, as they say “nothing can be perfect”.

Sunita Marshall

The bronze beauty, made our jaws painfully dropped by her totally ‘out-of-the-place” attire. Even her extremely pretty and glowy face couldn’t over shadow the misfit dress that she wore. Bad idea Ms. Marshal!

Moomal Sheikh

The daddy’s girl looked super inspired by…. minions wearing exact same shade of yellow. A total nope from us….

Nadia Hussain

Looked like Ms. Hussain was super inspired by pixie dust hence she was literally shimmering from head to toe. From her attire to her face, all was covered in shimmer which was too much to handle.

Aminah Sheikh.

Looks like Aminah Got ready for the Red carpet in a rush that she forgot to take off her black belt which was tangled with her “too much frilly” gown. What happened there lady? Care to explain?

Mohib Mirza

The most adorable husband didn’t leave his wife alone in the time of crisis and wore and equally weird dress. The use of velvet in this heat was totally uncalled for. But still, “till bad dress do us part”


Dear Meera, “All that glitters, must not be worn!”

Momina Muhtesem

Dear Momina, we know you have a perfect voice. But you don’t have to copy your attire from “Adele”, since both of you are miles apart… both physically and vocally!

Gohar Rasheed

 Just one question. “WHY??”

Well, this is all about LSA 2017. Let’s hope the glitz and glamour of our industry shines forever and may we be able to present and maintain a positive image of our country. Ameen!