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Love a good bargain


By Kinza G Khan

Who says you have to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars to look good? Ofcourse, big brands have clothes that follow the latest trends but they also come with a hefty price tag. I love shopping, let me rephrase that, I love shopping at any store, whether it’s high end or a department store. As long as the product is good, I will wear it. A lot of the times you can walk out with at least one/two pieces that are really cute and not so expensive.

This low back, over the knee jumper I scored from CenterPoint at the Dubai Festival City Mall. This jumper is uber comfortable and just fun to wear.

The black criss cross heels are also from the same place, I was actually very surprised at how comfortable these are. I seriously can’t believe they only cost 68 AED! If you live in Dubai, you’ll know what a bargain that is.



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