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Fashion Tips by Naima Z


I’ve always loved dressing up. Its wonderful to grab something from your wardrobe, put it on and feel ah-mazeballs!


Fashion is a great way to express yourself. I get my inspiration from girls and women everywhere. You’ll see me asking people where they bought their clothes or shoes from. I’m not shy like that. I think that sorta bonds me with others. 

I’m sharing a few of my fashion tips with the readers of The Blush Works. Enjoy!

1. Always Shop With Your Girlfriends:

One thing that I absolutely hate is: shopping alone. So whenever I go shopping, it’s with my girls. We try stuff on, take pictures and give our honest opinions. (Unlike our boyfriends who look tortured when shopping with us) Girl Power!!

2. Buy Items You Know You’ll Wear A Lot:

Items like the classic Biker Jacket, a good pair of Skinny Jeans or a Little Black Dress are timeless staples that you need in your wardrobe. Don’t hesitate spending a little more than usual on them. 

3. Don’t Feel Pressurized to Follow Trends:

It’s difficult to keep up with the ever changing fashion trends these days and Facebook and Instagram make it even worse! But I think just because something is in, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will suit you. I can never rock spaghetti straps for my life! Just be yourself and wear things that will suit you and make you feel comfy yet classy.

4. Plan What You’re Going to Wear:

If I had a penny for every time I had one of those “I Have Nothing to Wear” moments, I’d be sipping cocktails in Hawaii. Whenever there’s a big event coming up, plan your outfit and accessories way in advance to avoid a wardrobe meltdown.


5. Recycle!:

Let’s be realistic, spending money on new clothes and shoes is something we all love doing, but we hardly wear what we buy more than once or twice. Jazz up that white shirt with a big statement necklace or wear those pastel colored pants with a different top. Play around with your outfit. Don’t be afraid to experiment.