Sometimes it’s difficult choosing the right outfit for a specific occasion. I for one, don’t want to look over dressed neither too casual. So I like to keep a balance, not too much and certainly not like I just got out of bed. I’ve put together a few fashion looks that I think go perfectly well with the occasion. 

Date Night: Whether its your first date or the one millionth, for date nights (or days) dress up like yourself with a touch of glam. Don’t dress up like you’re going to a party. Add a pair of sexy shoes to your outfit and you’re good to go. 



Street Style Star: Rock any crazy yet classy outfit and you’ll become a street style star for sure. Your outfit has to be a killer one! Think colours, your favorite movie, your favorite designer, get inspired and become an inspiration for others. Do say yes to crazy shoes, add a pair of funky sunglasses and think bold prints. 
 Weddings: Its different in the west but in Pakistan we dress up like chandeliers on weddings! (LOL) You should always look amazing at weddings. Where whatever colour you want but if its a desi wedding avoid wearing red otherwise you’ll have a serious clash with the bride! (don’t wear white either!)    


Fashion Addict: Being a fashion addict doesn’t mean you have to be dressed up in brands head to toe. Fashion enthusiasts are very conscious about the way they look. Stay on top with trends and keep checking what’s in and what’s not. Add one statement item, a necklace or earrings or even a ring and you will be the talk of the town. Don’t wear knock offs or cheap materials, just a big NO NO!  


Work: Depending on where you work, its best to keep it simple. That doesn’t mean you have to dress up like a granny or look unsexy. Look for clothes made from nice fabrics. Think silks and chiffons. Don’t wear anything ripped (For Example: Jeans) to work. Always do your hair nicely and wear light makeup. (No makeup= Not making effort) Do invest in a stylish computer bag, wear sensible shoes and keep your accessories simple. (Keep that cleavage covered!) 

Don’t be afraid of repeating your outfits. Kate Middleton does it, why can’t you? Don’t feel like you constantly need to buy new clothes to keep up with others. And lastly modesty is very important. Specially when it comes to work. Don’t go crazy with the cleavage! Keep your assets covered 🙈

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