Designer Spotlight: Natasha Kamal

The Blush Works in Collaboration with Boulevard One had the chance to talk to Natasha Kamal from Pakistan, a young woman with a passion for fashion. Natasha’s  designs are unique and trendy and we can’t wait to welcome her for The Festive Boutique on the 1st of October at The Palace, Downtown Dubai. 

Here’s a peek of the conversation Natasha had with our editor in chief Naima Zahin.

The Blush Works: Tell us about yourself and your brand?

Natasha Kamal: I didn’t study fashion design. I never thought I would end up being a designer. I’ve studied Chartered Accounting from Royal Holloway and then I got my graduate diploma from IBP Law School. When I moved back to Pakistan I started my articles at PwC. And after that I moved into fashion.
I was trying to find clothes for myself, nicely tailored, that would fit me well, which are easily accessible and I was having a hard time doing that. It was partially that and also I liked the whole evolutionary process of bringing my concepts to life. It was way more interesting than chartered accountancy! In terms of my brand I think it’s more contemporary but I try to reinterpret and re-modernize classics and vintage techniques and how I can reuse them in a modern way.

TBW: What or who inspires you?

NK: It’s not a particular person that inspires me. It’s more about how you feel when you dress and what you’re creating like the feeling a person gets when they actually wear the clothes. So I try to kind of focus on how a person walks in, how they feel, what they’re comfortable in, what silhouette suits a person more so and then kind of take it from there. In terms of design I draw a bit of architecture, artdeco, geometric versus floral.

TBW: One celebrity that you liked working with or would love to work with and why?

NK: Queen Rania. She defines understated elegance.

TBW:Three fashion accessories everyone should have?

NK: Staples, a pair nude heels and a statement necklace.

 TBW: What are you expecting from Boulevard One and what are you bringing to the trunk show that will be different?

NK: To be very honest I’ve never been Boulevard One before so it should be interesting. I think I will be exposed to a lot of diverse people of Dubai. I have shipped to a bunch of clients in Dubai. It will be exciting to see what clientele actually walks in and what they actually prefer to buy because in Pakistan my clientele is very different. I’m bringing a lot of pret to Dubai and also some couture pieces to see how that does for me. My line is more luxury pret though they all have a bit of couture details in them but they’re supposed to be understated. So I just want to see whether people go for that look or not.

 TBW: Any message you’d like to give to our readers?

NK: Stay true to your own sensibilities in terms of design because there is a market for everyone. Also stay quality based. Don’t give up your quality for the design.