The Blush Works in collaboration with Boulevard One got the chance to speak to Fariha Lakhany, daughter of the amazing jewelry designer Fehmida Lakhani. 

Fehmida Lakhany will be bringing their latest collection to The Festive Boutique by Boulevard One on the 1st of October at The Palace Downtown Dubai. 

The Blush Works: Tell us about your mother and the brand?
Fariha Lakhany: My mother has been designing jewelry for the past 16 years, she is dominantly based in Knightsbridge, London but also operates in Dubai and New York. She has been basically brought up in this business, her brothers, her father all are in the same profession so it’s very natural that she followed them into this industry. She also has a Guyanese background which is very beneficial for this industry, because by having this background she has been able to influence, reach and obtain Guyanese rubies which are quite rare. Because with a family association, its relatively easier to get those rubies from Guyana. 

TBW: Tell us more about the brand, how did it all start?

FL: It basically started from a trip in Thailand, we always used to go there. Also because her brother is a diamond merchant in Thailand, so she always had a thing for designing jewelry and was pretty artistic. From that trip, she basically started designing few pieces of jewellery and got them back to London and her clients came flocking to her. Initially she used to have ten to twelve pieces now she nearly has ample stock of nearly 200 pieces. Over time it has grown. She not only designs jewelry but also offers bespoke service, so clients would come up to her and say “Oh, I want a ring” so my mother would actually design it in a way that would reflect the client’s lifestyle, their skin color, how they are dressed, their taste and would give her input where necessary.

TBW:Who inspires her? And who would she like to collaborate with and why?

FL: What inspires her is nature, it is a big inspiration for her, because a true artist is always inspired by the surroundings. Hence nature is really pivotal to her collection. A lot of her jewelry is designed around flowers, leaves, the colors, oceans and all of that is incorporated in her designs. Her late mother, was also a big influence for her. She would see her mother walk about in the house wearing jewels, rubies and always dolled up. She has a collection called Zubeida, named after my grandmother, her mother. She always sights us as a breath of fresh air, she takes inspiration from our lifestyles, current fashion, from that she gets different ideas. She incorporates all the various inspirations in her jewelry.

TBW: Tell me how about this brand represents modern women?

FL: From the beginning, what we saw, her jewelry has great style which can take women from day to night. Especially the women in London are working women, so she always designs pieces which are wearable, which they can carry at work and also pair up with an evening dress. So in that sense, she believes that women should always indulge themselves into luxury and practicality at the same time and she’s been quite strong in sticking to her stigma around jewelry in which she is totally against confining wearing diamonds to special occasions. She thinks why can’t women just leave the house wearing jeans and diamonds, why are diamonds only for weddings? That is in fact, reflected in her jewelry which are just simple and elegant pieces. These pieces are like something that I could wear to a dinner and also to a wedding or an event. 

TBW: Thre Fashion Accessories everyone should carry.

She always says, a black dress or a classic one which makes you feel sexy and elegant. A diamond bracelet, with your watch and statement earrings are something that everybody should have. Thats what her collection is based on, earrings, they are a big part of her collection.

TBW: Tell us about your experience with Boulevard One?

FL: This is our third time in the trunk show, from last year we have had a great experience, they are a lovely bunch of girls and we had such a good time and they basically gave us a platform to reach clients and ladies who we might not be able to reach up to otherwise.

TBW:So how was the response?

FL: It was really good. But you see, with jewelry, there is mostly n immediate response, people don’t come in and buy a 5000 pounds bracelet right away, but at the same time it helps us retain quality customers and we can built relationships and slowly over time, they buy our pieces.

TBW: What advice do you have for the people who want to join this industry?

I would just say, never give up. Persistence is the key. Don’t be upset with your failures, they are indeed a blessing in disguise and enjoy your successes more after you have had failures and enjoy life. Because life is too short to be upset over failures.


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