Blogger Spotlight: Sabina Rufat

Sabina Rufat is one blogger you must follow on Instagram (@mrssrs1987). She hails from Baku, Azerbaijan.

Better known on social media as Mrs SRS 1987, Sabina has been based in Dubai since the past 20 years. She has studied and lived in the UAE almost her entire life. Practically an Emirati, she is an amazing mommy blogger and entrepreneur. She loves to socialize and make new friends.

 “For the matter of interest I’m a polyglot.” – Sabina Rufat

We sat down with this yummy mummy to get to know more about her. Read on and enjoy!

TBW: Hashtags that describe you
Sabina Rufat: Favorites and most frequently used ones are #mrssrs1987 #dubaiblogger #dubaimothers #dubai #uae

TBW: One Social Media account you follow religiously.
SR:  Don’t have one that I particularly follow, rather quite many

TBW: One book you would recommend.
SR: Got loads of them; yet my all time favorite’s got to be Tuesdays with Morrie (Mitch Albom). Highly recommend this one. You will have re-evaluated your entire life purpose after reading this book. It’s my current re-read.

TBW: One film role you think you could have played better or you can relate to.
SR:  Malèna (Monica Bellucci’s role)

TBW: Favourite Workout.
SR: Freestyle dancing. Gym workout would be light weight lifting 🏋

TBW: Your all time favourite song.
SR: Way too many, especially that I have a rich background of favorite songs from English to Arabic, Hindi to Russian and Azeri to Turkish 🙈 But definite favorite song is Sen Gelmez Oldun by Faiq Agayev

TBW: Talking about songs, your favourite artist/band.
SR: Toni Braxton & Whitney Houston. But the list goes on.

TBW: Favourite TV Show.
SR: Not so much into TV shows, I would name a TV series “House M.D.”

TBW: Last movie you watched.
SR: Fast and Furious 8

TBW: Shopaholic or Foodie?
SR: Both, shopafoodie!

TBW: What was the last thing you bought.
SR: Hmmm.. quite a couple of things, probably a toy for my son.

TBW: What’s the one thing you can cook/bake.
SR: Carrot muffins and carrot cake

TBW: Favourite Holiday Destination.
SR: Has to be my hometown, Baku.

TBW: Favourite Restaurant in Dubai.
SR: Too many favs, cant name one; yet Jag is on top obviously because I’m always homesick.

TBW: Favourite fashion designer.
SR: Don’t follow fashion designers and trends.

TBW: Your Style Icon.
SR: Sophia Loren

TBW: Favourite Store
SR: Louis Vuitton

TBW: Must Have Beauty Product
SR: Everything!! But if one beauty product, then probably hmmm mascara

TBW: One celebrity you’d like to go on a date with?
SR: Oh Brad Pitt please

TBW: Describe yourself in three words. 
SR: Bubbly, shy and naughty.