10 Summer Outfit Trends That You Need To Start Wearing Right Now!

With a new season comes new styles and it’s time again to revamp your wardrobe. Refresh yourself with a whole new makeover and turn up the heat with these new trends you may have seen around.


This trend involves showing skin yet still covering it up, whether it be sheer tops, chiffon dresses or net skirts. It’s all about not being too revealing yet creating an aura of mystery.

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Its official and baring your shoulders trend is here to stay this summer. Tip: tie a silk scarf to flaunt the off shoulder or fold over top.

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Fishnet stockings are the biggest trend this season and from Instagram to the normal streets, everyone has fishnets peeking out of their jeans.

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Bralettes/crop top

Open midriff is back in style after making it big in 90’s. Pair them up with high-waisted pants or long airy cardigans, giving you a stylish chic look.

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Vibrant yellow

Summers biggest color trend is bright yellow. One item of your outfit of this color and it will leave you fresh as a daisy.

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Polka dots

How much I love polka dots and that too as a sundress!

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Embrace stripes to make a fashion statement!

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Florals will never get old and perfect to wear this summer. Kendal Jenner was seen adorning the most feminine floral sundress.

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White dresses

White dresses can never go wrong and your summer wardrobe is rendered officially incomplete without a cute white outfit!

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White sneakers

White sneakers trend is here to stay whilst upgraded to sparkly embellishments or glittery leather patches! Substitute your sandals with white sneakers.

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