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“Your Mother or Sister Could be Here as Well” Is What All Pakistani Men Need to be Told, Every Time!


It is such a shame that we are a nation that needs a “ghar main maa bhen nahi hai” every time we need to tell men to behave. Not saying women are perfect, but yes, behaving in public is something our men need to be taught more than our women!


Be it a Jalsa or a concert (referring to the recent Atif Aslam episode), harassment of women becomes the highlight. Are Pakistani men really that desperate? or women tend to lead them on? (which is hard to believe in context of public gatherings). Believe it or not, most of the Pakistani women that are offered good jobs and handsome salary packages is because their employers are more interested in them instead of the services they are offering (trust me, been there experienced that!!!)

If harassment is all we are acquainted with, wheresoever we go, then MAYBE banning “pindi boys”  from entering in Centaurus without families was a good decision and prohibiting the sale of tickets to single men to recreational events is even better!


But it is even more frustrating to know that there are very few people who stand up against sexual assault or harassment if they witness it. However, Atif Aslam earned himself massive respect in his recent concert in Karachi, where he saved a girl from being harassed!

Here is the story:

At the Karachi Eat 2017 show on Saturday night, Atif Aslam berated a few evildoers in the wake of protecting a young lady who was being bugged. Atif broke the momentum of his show on stage to protect this young lady, who was being harassed by a Karachiite hooligan.

At the point when Aslam made that big appearance after 1 a.m. the climate was jolting. Halfway through the all-so-fun concert, a horde of “desperate boys” began pestering a young lady in the front row. Realising the episode unfurling before him, Aslam strolled up to the edge of the stage and gave the youths a well deserved rant.


“Have you never observed a young lady before?” Aslam inquired.

He then called the security and requesting that they protect the young lady. The bouncers exhibit helped the young lady up on the stage and escorted her to a more comfortable spot.

The occasion came when many were bemoaning via web-based networking media how the coordinators had pronounced the celebration a ‘family only’ event. The coordinators, in any case, have not yet turned out with any reaction. but after this horrendous episode, I personally think, either men should be accompanied by their partners in such events or be literally given a separate enclosure.


And not to forget, more men should stand up like Atif Aslam, to stop the one’s disturbing Pakistan’s image, from acting weird in public. Thats the least we can do!