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United, we drag


The drag, that dragged the airlines into a whirlpool of criticism and mockery.

I am sure that by now everyone is well aware of that unpleasant incident that took place during the “not-so-friendly” United Airlines’ flight. And as expected, the poor airline was not spared by the mighty social media. As unpleasant the incident was, everyone took the full advantage of the situation and set their trolling factory to work. The most outrageous thing was that even the competitors of United Airlines came forward with the funniest adverts possible.

The first came Pakistan International Airlines, that have been criticized like forever for various reasons.

On point!

Then came the Jordanian Airlines

What a clever reminder!

“Emirates” took it to the next level and immediately released a video…

Even the American Airline “Southwest” came up with an epic one line troll!

aww. That’s so sweet!

How could Jimmy kimmel not comment on it!

that’s how my mother used to get me out of bed for school every morning” was his response to “the drag”.

Check out what else he has to say about it!

And if that was not enough, Twitter went berserk over the incident as well!

The “LeFou” of “Beauty & the Beast” tweeted.

The Savage “Love guru” condemned the act by vowing never to fly by United.

And the hilarious tweets continued…

This McNeil guy posted this hilarious piece of announcement on behalf of United Airlines

How legendary you have to be to relate such incident to “The Walking Dead“?

And to make the matters funnier.. Some one came up with this hilarious guide in case of “overbooking”….

And then this slogan….

One thing that makes the social media super useful is the power it gives to people to have their views (which, at times, could be hilarious) conveyed to the concerned authorities. With so much pressure building, it is hoped that the people responsible will take serious measures to avoid any unpleasant incident in the future and compensate the victim.

On a lighter note..

May the odds be in your favor. Happy travels!